[A]The Kingslayers-Kilrogg 2/8M 8/8H mon/weds 20ST onwards


A Semi social raid team with a focus on clearing content in a timely manner without the added stress of having a raid leader who shouts if you screw up.
That being said, all we ask of you is that you attend atleast 3 out of 4 raids and atleast show some knowledge of the fights in advance (where possible, we know Dazar alor is in beta atm so any info we have might change before release).
for those not currently on our realm but interested we also run a community for Xrealm invites etc the link can be found below:

Once in the community seek out Delita/Logari or Maxxen for further details.

Thread: Veteran player LF (raiding) guild and a social M+, Achievement and ... team