[A] <The Lovely Lads> Recruiting - 8/8 BWL, 75 Min MCs, Wed/Thur raids with Smart DKP! #LadsOnTour

The Lovely Lads | Mograine-Alliance | Boomer-Friendly | Smart DKP

The Lovely Lads is on a mission - to create a chill, but high performance atmosphere, with transparent leadership and no drama ever. Here’s how we’ve done it:

:ice_cream: Smart DKP - Win Your First Item Within Weeks, With No Hoarding :ice_cream:

  • :small_orange_diamond: Our system awards items to the highest points holder, at a fixed percentage-based cost, up to 95% for weapons. This means fast movement up the table for all players, and no hoarding.
  • :small_orange_diamond: Earn DKP by attending, not by kills - both our raid nights award DKP equally, with bonuses for progression.
  • :small_orange_diamond: New players typically win their first item within 2-3 weeks.

:coffee: Boomers Rise Up - Transparent Rules, No Core/Pleb Divisions, Chill Leaders :coffee:

  • :small_blue_diamond: Guild rules and decisions are captured in our boomer policy document - our officers strive for fairness and consistency.
  • :small_blue_diamond: No yelling on Disc, no drama, no rage.
  • :small_blue_diamond: And we don’t do MC splits, or have a ‘core team’ - everyone gets a fair shot at loot, at raid slots, at everything.

:cut_of_meat: Schedule and Progression :cut_of_meat:

  • :small_orange_diamond: Raid Schedule: Wednesday and Thursday, 19.40 to 23.00
  • :small_orange_diamond: Progression: 8/8 BWL, 75 Min MCs, Split Onyxias

:beers: Classes Needed :beers:

  • :crab: Fury Warrior
  • :hamster: Dagger Rogue
  • :unicorn: Dwarf Priest

And exceptional candidates from other classes will be considered!

To apply, simply join our Discord at this link and use the command %apply - the rest is done via DMs! Applications are anonymous and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours!


Now looking for a non-human fury warrior! We want somebody who can use the axe drops from Ony and BWL.

New spots open! Looking for a fury warrior, dagger rogue and dwarf priest!