[A] The Romping Cat Tavern - Casual, english-speaking guild open for new patrons!

Hi. I’m Nyotaa, the Tavern Medic.

First and foremost; I know some might find the names and titles we have corny, but for me personally, that’s what dragged me in.

We’re a newly formed guild (2023), with a few active players that currently do m+, pvp, and a variety of world-content. Which includes a lot of mount-farming (for some of us :smiley:).

Our current sub-goal, as i understand it, is to grow big enough to be able to get into raiding with a smaller core-team, such as 2-2-6 / 2-3-9.

Our main goal on the other hand, is to expand the guild as a whole, with active, polite and pleasant Tavern-dwellers. We have a few dedicated workers for some of your regular work-orders, and with continuing effort laid down, we hope to answer your more “feisty” work-orders as-well. We aspire to create and uphold a friendly and helpful atmosphere, which sometimes means, and i quote our Innkeeper; “dying with a beer and a smile on your face”.

So, even if you don’t feel like raiding, there’s always room at “The Romping Cat Tavern”. I don’t have much else to share at the moment, except hit me up if this is something you’d be interested in. Either here in the thread, in-game or on discord @ Nyotaa#0891.

Take care!

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Intriguing, I like Cats and I like beer! :smile: Looking to raid eventually, have a few options, lets talk sometime Omnibeam#2961

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I tried your discord, but it doesn’t work. Is it possible there’s a letter missing or something? :sweat_smile:

Thats my BNET sorry

Hi, I am a returning player after many years and looking for a new home. Right now I am just starting a toon out from scratch but would like to get into end game content later on. I sent a discord friend request as well so hit me up.

I’m fairly certain i’ve hit you up! Welcome to the guild! :smile:

Hey I’m a returning player, played wow on and off since back end of vanilla days, wanting to settle in with a guild well I give dragonflight a go :slight_smile:

Another good silvermoon guild i see, you allow horde people in your ranks?

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