[A] The Scarlet Circle - LF dps for raids

The Scarlet Circle are an alliance guild on Chamber of Aspects. We have been around for a long time and the core of our team have been raiding together since Cata.
We are currently 7/8 HC and are looking for more dps to join our team as we progress into Mythic.

We raid 2 nights progress a week - Monday and Thursday from 21:45 - 00:00 server time. We have a laid back attitude and aim to have fun in our raids. We are not looking for CE, just to kill as many bosses as we can manage.

We also have a casual run for socials and alts on a Wednesday at the same time.
We also like to have fun in M+ and running achievements etc and some of the guild are planning to mess around in Classic once it’s released.

What we want - dps players who have some raiding experience and can commit to our raid nights and times. We don’t expect 100% attendance as sometimes RL happens but we don’t have a big bench so good attendance is essential. We use Discord for comms and being willing to speak as well as listen is important.

For more information or for a chat add me on bnet - Scar#2534 or on Discord - Scar#0097

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The Queen is dead! 8/8 HC moving into Mythic now and still looking for more dps… :slight_smile:

1/8 Mythic now, still looking for more dps. A healing OS would be helpful but is not essential.

3/10 myth now, gg