[A]<Violent Circus> PvE-PvP Ex- CE mythic raiding guild, LF raiders (2 raids/week)

To begin with, I want to say that this is not your standard recruitment post, where I would state a bunch of demands that you will need to comply with in order to be able to join us. I chose instead to explain who we are thoroughly, so you can understand the history and ideals we have in this game and then decide for yourself if you want to be part of our community and what we stand for.

The core of Violent Circus is made by players who actively played classic back in the days. We know the struggles and the preparation required for raiding effectively back then, the management and micro-management within the guild, and all the subtleties that were vital when it came to keeping such a big community as a vanilla wow-guild, balanced and effective. And because we knew all this, we were able to take that knowledge further with us into retail and be very successful.

Although Violent Circus was formed for the first time as a horde guild a few weeks shy of the Cataclysm release, the people assembling it were all long-time friends and veteran WoW players.

It was a guild that had PvP as the sole goal at first, and we quickly gathered a considerable amount of quality players and established ourselves as one of the best PvP guilds on the realm. With quite a few of our members achieving high arena rankings and Gladiator titles. This lasted for a while until we decided to take on less belligerent ways and channel our ambition towards the PvE aspect of the game, and we reformed our guild as Alliance in Legion.

We did it for fun to begin with, but we found out that our PvP past gave us an edge when it came to environmental awareness and drive to be effective with the limited time we had.

For the last three years Violent Circus has been a stable and successful mythic raiding guild based on Defias Brotherhood, raiding only two days a week (6 hours total) and pushing harder for the last bosses of a tier, whenever necessary.

We managed to keep up with those investing much more time in raiding than us, and even going past them progress-wise. We did this by being effective, we wanted to focus on quality rather than quantity when it came to raiding, and prove that a busy life does not have to be an impediment in the way of achieving meaningful mythic progress and getting all the Cutting Edge achievements in good time.

You can check out our achievements over the years, and even some of our kill videos here:

WoWProgress: https://www.wowprogress.com/guild/eu/defias-brotherhood/Violent+Circus/rating.tier23
Our Website: http://violentcircus.eu/

In order to succeed we had to be organized, mature, and selective when it came to the kind of people we allowed into our community. We understood the value of the people behind the screen and how important a player’s personality was, together with his or her skill, in keeping a competitive but also balanced and light-hearted atmosphere in the guild. Due to this, we sailed smoothly over the years with little drama or problems. We achieved everything we wanted to achieve in the game, in a timely fashion, and now we want to move on, or rather move back, to our first love which is WoW Classic.

It is this combined PvP and PvE experience over so many years that makes us confident in our abilities of offering those who want to be a part of what we have, a true home in this game.

Our goal in Classic will involve both aspects of the game, as it was normal back then, we will embrace our philosophy that quality raiding and effective use of the time we have available goes a long way, keeping our two days a week raiding schedule (Mondays and Thursdays 20:00 to 23:00 ST) .

All we want from our members is to keep in mind we are all here to make our daily lives a bit more bearable, by having a place we can bond together, blow off some steam and have fun. This means we have little tolerance for the usual suspects that can lead to a guild‘s downfall, like toxicity, attention craving, and just general immaturity.

The guild is also a gathering place for many skilled players, so knowledge of the game and your class will make it easier to integrate here.

The current state of our progress today is as follows: We clear MC in less than two hours with no wipes, and we do split runs for Onyxia, so the effective raid time is actually less than 2 days/week- 6 hours. We are looking for just a few more people to add to our roster. We need, most of all,people who can integrate into our raid team, and although this may sound like a mantra all guilds say, we want nice and mature people who can understand communities are important, and are willing to work with us to become even better. Decent skill, as much as Classic requires, is ofcourse a factor but we appreciate the capability to stay level headed, keeping humble and positive above everything

I could probably go on and on about how much this guild and community means to us and how hard we are willing to work to keep it alive and healthy, but at the end of the day, you would have to join us to experience it for yourself. Violent Circus is not a stepping stone for players who are looking to join something else, but rather a community where players come to stay. If all this sounds interesting to you, and you want a place to call home, please contact me on Discord: Xethi#7709 or Battlenet: Nephthys#1635 or apply directly at violentcircus.eu

Thank you very much for reading,
and we wish you good luck both in the game and outside of it.

Kind regards,

The VC team.


Thought you guys were on some other server

This guild looks to be right up my alley, but unfortunatelly, I’m a toxic, attention starved and generally immature parody of a human being. And I don’t like the name :yum:
So I wish you the best of luck finding competent players for your amazing sounding community!


You sound like the exact type of person who would fit in my guild

That’s flattering, honestly. But I will be starting my own light PvE guild with my old buddies from Sporeggar.

Good luck then man hope to see u ig

The guild voted for a server switch due to the 5-6 hours queues on Gehennas

Ahhh then welcome

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Was looking forward to having a chat about joining, but this server has also gone to full, unfortunately. I started out on Mograine, but cba anymore with half a day of queues.


Come join us on Classic!

We can have a chat anytime. Also, I believe all the servers were full yesterday, and they are working on it.

Still looking for a few more people who wish to raid with us. Contact me if you are wondering about anything or apply directly at violentcircus.eu


Not long before some of us start hitting level 60!

Still looking for a few good people to join our raiding team.


Still actively recruiting!

We are now looking for more raiders for our team, please contact me (Discord: Xethi#7709, battlenet: Nephthys#1635) or MsTwigs (Twigs#1753, battlenet: Twigs#21760) if you are interested or apply at violentcircus.eustrong text

We are still looking for more eager raiders to join our community! please contact me (Twigs#1753 Discord, Twigs#21760 Battlenet) or Nefthys (Xethi#7709 Discord, Nephthys#1635 Battlenet) if you are interested in joining!


Still looking more raid-hungry people to join our rad community!

Now recruiting healers, hunters and warlocks for our raiding team. First official guild raid will be this Thursday. Contact us if interested.

Hello, our guild is looking for a handfull of good players to integrate in our raid team. As far as progress goes, we are now clearing MC in less than 3 hours, so above skill or experience, we mostly value friendly and mature players who want to come have a home here, and not just have another guild to raid with that they build no loyalty towards. Please contact me on Discord: Xethi#7709 or Battlenet: Nephthys#1635 if you want to know more, or apply directly at violentcircus.eu.