A whole weekend gone waiting on support

Hi :slight_smile:

Last friday I was supposed to play Wrath with friends and family when I accidentally purchased 6-month sub (It automatically jumps to the said ‘‘best offer’’ when going back to select a diffrent payment option) instead of 1-month, ever since the refund (european withdrawal act) my account says that it needs a sub in order to play Wrath, but when I try to buy 1-month it says that I already have an active sub, so my account is now locked in a spiral. My first ticket just disappeared unanswered after a whole day of waiting and now I have a new ticket going for 24 hours of waiting and I fear that it will disappear as well, unanswered.

Is there anything I can do to fix this my self or can someone help me?
I know support is busy and I understand that, but what am I to do when tickets just get’s deleted and ignored? I can’t even see it in archived tickets :confused:

Your tickets shouldn’t disappear, make note of the EU(numbers) next time you send a ticket in case of though.

Oh wait you have a problem with logging in zz a GM may have to take a look keep your ticket open, don’t cancel it. The queue is rather long but you can check back tomorrow during office hours to see if there’s a livechat option available.

It used to be that if you did a charge back without asking for a refund through a ticket your account got banned. This may have changed.

It would have been faster for all to request a refund rather than panic cancel the payment.

I didn’t do a charge back, I used the refund system on the blizzard page and they already issued the refund.

My account thinks that it has an active sub, so I can’t buy a sub, but I can’t open wow either.

What you could try is buy a gametime block of 60 days here.

Or if you have Retail you can try logging in there for free first at a level 20 or lower toon to see if there’s any login errors first, then if it’s safe get a WoW token ingame. This is if you can open retail but not Wrath.

Ah sorry, I must have read your post wrong my bad.

Hope you get it sorted then.

‘‘You already have World of Warcraft® Subscription - 6 Months on your account. To change your subscription plan or the payment method, select from the options below.’’

No matter what I do it says that, but on both Wrath and Retail it says ‘‘Subscription Expired’’.
I think the refund broke my account :confused:

Definitely needs GM assistance then :frowning: check again tomorrow during office hours for livechat availability.

Indeed, but thanks so much for your time and effort, greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

Actually you could try one more thing, and that is ask if someone can gift you the gametime block above but I’m not sure if that’s a good thing to do with the subscription error you have right now hmm…

I’ll wait until tomorrow, in all honesty, I fear for my account right now, so I’ll let blizzard handle it before I mess anything else up :slight_smile:

Hi, since Friday I have been unable to play WoW due to a refund, my account says that my subscription is inactive but when I try to buy a 1-month subscription is says that I already have an active subscription?
My friends have been playing wrath all weekend and I am just waiting on support to do something :confused:
Can someone please take a look at my account and fix the error so I can buy a sub and play. I know you guys are busy and all but I am starting to fear that my ticket will continue go unanswered… 72hour is just too much…

The ticket queue cannot be sadly bypassed over the forums.

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I am not suggesting that it should be, but I have seen GM’s on the forums taking action from a post and I think that it’s okay to discuss a ticket topic here weather it affects the ticket solving speed or not.
Besides, my concern is that it’s been 72hours + now and when it exceeds the 48 hour average, it concerns me that there is no solution in sight for me, it could easily be weeks now without a average estimated time (48hours due to being behind on tickets) to hold on to.
And the ticket before it that disappeared doesn’t help me be at ease with the absurb amount of wait time either :confused:

Hi Missjunie,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having issues with this, though it’s not something that should require Game Master intervention.

May I ask if you’ve tried all the steps from this page already?

You can also find more info here:

I understand you just wanted a 1-months subscription, but if you really don’t want to wait any longer, you might want to consider buying 60 days of prepaid time (link in the second article).

Hopefully you can still get up and running together with your friends soon now!

@Tyrskorn Tags her previous thread A whole weekend gone waiting on support

Thanks! I’ve merged the threads there now.

In theory, having an active subscription (even though I understand that’s not actually the case here) shouldn’t prevent prepaid time from being added on top.

Additionally I’m seeing mention of tickets gone missing so it sounds like maybe you’re using multiple accounts, or checking different regions, Missjunie?

I only have one account and I can see the response on my email but not on the site it self, so it just worries me that my whole account might have been broken or fractured somehow after the refunded 6-month sub :confused:

Would you suggest that I just try to buy a month of gametime on top of the 6-month that my account thinks is active?
Also thanks for taking the time to write to me :slight_smile:

Since Tyrskorn mentioned different regions, make sure it’s not archived under the US Region I guess. https://us.battle.net/support/en/help/case

Oh wow… that was indeed the case :slight_smile: Apologizes, I am not the best at using the websites nor the forum.
I have only ever made tickes ingame.
Thanks :slight_smile: Now I am not as worried, literally thought my account was broken :stuck_out_tongue: