[A]<Allies of the Dragons> Recruiting DPS and 1 Main Tank 7/8 H

Good Day Silvermoon,

I am currently looking for players who are interested in doing M+ and Raiding or just want to chill socialise to grow our guild. Our requirements are very straightforward for now and not too strict as we must grow from the ground up but our long term aim is to become a guild that players who enjoy Normal / Heroic can be proud of and enjoy playing in.

Our Goals:

To become a sustainable guild that can create raid groups, Dungeon Runs and perhaps eventually we can look at other activities. We want a relaxed and fun atmosphere to do Normal and then Heroic raids, we will operate with some best practices such as loot rules/courtesy but will try to keep things easy and simple so people can join in easily and simplify our recruitment process.


-Levels? You can be level 1! We are just happy if you wish to take a chance with us.
-Raiding Experience? None required, I am a good teacher and have plenty of experience to share :slight_smile:
-English Speaking - I think this should be ok for most players
-Happy to use discord and discuss evenings for potential raid events in the future when we have a team so it works for everyone :slight_smile:

Raid Specific Recruitment:

We have spots DPS and 1 Main Tank currently.

Raid Times: Wed/Sun 21:00 - 23:00

A bit of history on me the Guild Master:

I have been raiding for over 15 years, reaching curve on a number of occasions as a raid leader, after years of being a raid leader or advanced raider I want to start my own guild and make somewhere I and others can call home. I have experience taking on new and experienced raiders so I am happy to handle all players of any level of skill or knowledge.

All applications welcome via my Btag: Justrix 21772 or Discord: Borth#4775

Sent you a Battle.net request! this sounds exactly like what I am looking for :slight_smile:

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Original post updated, Our initial recruitment Phase has gone very well and we are now looking to add Healers and DPS to our guild to build our first raid team.

All applications welcome via my Btag: Justrix#21772 or Discord: Borth#4775

Update! We’re still looking for awesome people <3

DPS with tank OS

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Just added you, lets talk sometime :smiley: On BNET Omnibeam

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Guild is growing quick . So if your looking for a fresh start in a newish guild then please message Lokivald Btag: Justrix#21772 or Discord: Borth#4775
Many thanks

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im interested in joining , ive sent Discord Request :smiley:

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Still looking for Raiders, currently focused on finding final DPS and Healer spots for the team. Any spec/class is fine as long as its a DPS/Healer :slight_smile:

All applications welcome via my Btag: Justrix#21772 or Discord: Borth#4775

Have you manged to contact Lokivald ?.

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We are still looking for healers, if you are an aspiring or experience healer please do not hesitate to contact me.

All applications welcome via my Btag: Justrix#21772 or Discord: Borth#4775

Hi will drop you a message when in game. I am looking for a guild which isnt too serious but good for a bit of social and support. Thanks

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Hey guys :grinning: we are still looking for a couple of dps to complete our raid team, ideally a Monk or DH but all will be considered. A Holy Priest would also be a welcome addition.

Outside of raids there will be keys and other events so all socials are welcome :blush:.

yoo i have added you :smiley:

We are still hunting for 1 more dedicated healer and a Demon Hunter/Monk for the raid team :slight_smile:

Also accepting socials as before.

All applications welcome via my Btag: Justrix#21772 or Discord: Borth#4775

Still looking for players to join our guild. Socials welcome and we still have some raid roles available specifically DPS (Any roles are fine).

We are now 6/8 Heroic with an aim to finish up before the tier is over so we have a good start for Season 2. Contact us via discord: Borth#4775 or Battle.NET: Justrix#21772

We are looking for a tank & dps ready for Season 2. We are now 7/8 HC and hoping to down Raszageth next week. If you are interested please reach out on the below details, socials are always welcome.

Contact us via discord: Borth#4775 or Battle.NET: Justrix#21772

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Nice, you look like a good guild. alliance only or horde charcs allowed?

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