[A][Argent Dawn] <Moonfall> Heroic Raiding, M+, PvP, & Social

Greetings fellow traveler! Welcome to Moonfall’s recruitment page. Take a gander - we might be the place for you :slight_smile:

The basics

  • Guild Name: Moonfall

  • Faction: Alliance

  • Type: A smorgasbord of HC Raiding, M+, PvP, and Fun/Community Events

  • Raid Times: 20:00-10:30 CET Thurs/Sun

  • Guild Master: Differential

  • Guild Discord: Provided upon joining

Who are you and what do you do?

Moonfall is primarily a community-focused heroic raiding guild. We boast a friendly, relaxed, and inclusive in- and out-of-game environment, with a lively, tight-knit community of diverse players.

In addition to raiding, we also take part in lots of other content, including:

  • M+
  • Casual & rated PvP
  • Fun/community events

We also host on occasion out-of-game social activities, facilitated via the guild’s Discord.


We raid in a relaxed, but focused atmosphere from 20:00-22:30 CET on Thursday and Sunday. We currently stand at 10/10N, 10/10HC CN. A core aim is to get AOTC each tier, and we have a good track record of doing so.

Previous progress includes, 8/8HC Uldir, 9/9HC BoD, 8/8HC TEP, and 12/12HC NY


We have many players who enjoy M+, including several who push keys on a regular basis. We run a guild M+ event every Tuesday night starting at 20:00 server, with the goal of getting as many a guildie as possible at least a +10 key completed for the week.


Many in the guild take part in PvP, with RBG and more casual BG groups being run occasionally each month. Given that our current RBG lead is having to largely step back from the role given IRL demands, we currently have 2 PvP officer positions available. If interested in these, please contact our PvP recruitment officer, Gwin, at the details below for more info.


Moonfall takes pride in our once a week fun/community events. These are currently hosted on Monday evenings, and are a great way to get to know your fellow guildies in a relaxed social environment.

Events are wide-ranging, with examples including guild-wide jousting tournaments and lorewalks, as well as pet battle, transmog, and dueling competitions. We also run old or current raids for transmog and/or glory achievements. Out-of-game activities include movie and karaoke nights, as well as playing other games such as Cards Against Humanity and Skribblio.

What are you looking for?

We are looking for friendly, active and social people to join us in our weekly activities and fight for the Alliance! There are no requirements other than that, with the exception of those for the raid group, as outlined below.

Please note that all new members are required to pass through a two week trial period, starting when they join, to ensure that rules are followed and that new recruits are a good fit for the guild.

  • Raid team recruitment status: Open

We are currently looking for: Healers

To join the team for the current tier a minimum ilvl of 205 is required.

How do I join?

To join, either pursue one of the contacts below, or look out for our recruitment macro in-game and contact whoever has posted it! A whisper, an in-game mail, or a DM on discord are all good.


Recruitment officers:

  • In-game: Gwinßlackcap or Akruzíel

  • BNet: StVincent#21844 orAkruziel#2551

  • Discord: Gwin/Weatherwax#6613 or Akruziel#1932

GM and other officers (in-game secondary contacts): Differential (GM), Ayralîn, Asille, Golton

Onwards you go! We hope to meet you soon, friend :slight_smile:

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