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I am planning to start here how is the Alliance, PVP, PVE and economy?

Hello Kutsal!

Me and 2 of my friends rerolled here last weekend. Economy seems to be fine, the server has a lot folks playing in it so the prices may vary depending on the goods you’re selling. PvE - I see a lot of ppl geared in MC gear so I believe it’s fine, and PvP… well I’m too low to say (lvl 17) but one time there was a mage in Redridge Mountains ganking lowbies. After 10 mins 4 allies ganked him till zero. PvP is generally phase 2 problem but compared to my last server (Stonespine with ratio on lvl 60 was 15-85%) I hope it will be much better (about 50-50% here).

Hope that helps you somehow.


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Hello Marveel,
Thanks for the reply. I just started here. Maybe one day I can bring my other toons here as well.

Every ship, every end game dungeon entrance, even the very flight masters near said dungeons. All camped. And those psychopaths are coordinating where to camp even more annoyingly. If allys group up and clear one place, they just double up on another…

World PvP? No, this is far from it. World pvp is when you go to your destination and fight along the way 1 on 1. Not landing to a dungeon to be greeted by 3 mages accompanied by 2 rogues with /spits and go to retails. Telling you, the horde here and absolutely mad in the head

In tenstorms BRD is camped by 40 man Raid groups. So we have to join with 2 guilds to push to MC.

So all in all you guys wouldnt recommend rolling here as alliance?

Btw all servers have both horde and allies camping everywhere:P

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