Absurds of WoW PvP


You can poly, hex - hunter’s pet and beast mobs but you can’t poly or hex druid.
Shapeshifting is kind of magic but you can do it while silenced.

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Druid is human player not AI. ez answer. When will they fix mind control bug on druids?


Druid is broken - ez fact

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eazzzyy faact. nerf 1% to fix.


Don’t be laughable

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He is biased towards druid, just ignore him.

Btw, back in the days you could Scare Beast druids in shapeshift. Guess what got changed.


You know what actually would be the smartest and coolest way to fix reshifit spam? Make it cost mana like it used to. At least for feral/boomy

(Narcind) #8

Yeah we wouldn’t want resto druids to possibly drop below 90% mana every now and then

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If a shaman gets locked out of nature school they can’t use ghostwolf. But I guess they aren’t players?


Ye, resto druid mana is the problem(same as paladin’s), but i wouldn’t nerf it with reshift manacost. You need the reshift because of how random the poly right now and how crucial it is(boomy affinity is a joke tho, this sht needs to go lmao)

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I actually agree with this, I remember back in the day if ferals would spam heal with no mana management they’d screw themselves by not having enough mana to shapeshift roots etc.

All in all, I think all healers should spend mana as fast as disc, I think a game lasting longer than 5 minutes should be a rarity


Agreed 100%


Resto drood does seem to have far more advantages than disadvantages.

Would be funny if polymorph turned them into a random drood form for the duration and they couldn’t break out of it without trinket or taking dmg.


To be honest imo it’s just horribly designed that R Druid can avoid 3 common CC spells - hex, poly, root + beam just because they are druids. If you compare it to other healers they can avoid cc but every way to avoid it has CD:

-Wind Shear
-Taunt (pala, monk - but druid has it too but it’s worse as it’s on gcd)
-mobility from monk

That’s the main reason R druid is so strong. He just hot the target and then spam Nourish from Moonkin form. If you’d make Druid not able to shift form while locked or silenced then R druid is fixed. You can’t balance them around mana cost/healing as PvE players will force buffs because of weak raid performance.
If you nerf them this way they will risk more going for CC because they can’t shift Bear and use Frenzied Regen.

The only problem is that would punish Boomkins too so maybe any compensation here.

The other changes I’d like to see are:

-tone down Igneous Potential trait (150% buff is just too much)
-make greater pyro shorter cast but add CD on it
-tone down dk damage in PvP
-nerf anti dot talents (Divine Vision and Counteract Magic a bit) to make Affli viable
-tone down mana cost reduction from Beacon of Light - it’s insane how mana sustain H pala and R druid are
-tone down WW damage a bit
-nerf healing a little bit overall or we will play these 40-50% dampening games all the time


Lol it’s seriously one of the most fun hotfix that could happen to the game ! The druids that played vanilla will have nightmares about cat form debuff during nefarian encounter

(Saíyko) #16

People are overthinking this way too much.

It comes down to the fundamentals that druids don’t oom and they have very high healing throughput. Once these are addressed then the shapeshifting advantages etc become much more reasonable.


You saying that DK needs nerf shows how clueless you are

(Brodanyo) #18

I love such responses. Biased druid 99% sure plays with unh dk is calling someone clueless with no reasoning behind it xD

You want even discuss and bring any arguments because:

-you play with one and after nerf you won’t faceroll with the dk anymore
-you know something broken about the dk and you won’t share it

Proove me wrong and bring any reasonable argument why highest pvp damage dealing top 3 meele spec shouldn’t have it’s damage tonned down by 5-10% (rather 5% but knowing blizzard they would nerf it by 25% at least so I understand your worries).

I can also post you are clueless to any 1500 player that complains about fury warrior or bm hunter that aren’t strong but what’s the point. If you post here contribute to the discussion because atm you didn’t bring anything worth reading.


Uhm no I don’t play with a DK. I just know how to play against DK unlike 1500 rated players that claim it’s OP.

Also DK is supposed to be the meele with the most damage since it has the least mobility/utility, has always been like that.

I’m not bringing any arguments because I simply can’t be bothered writing 20 paragraphs for people that don’t even know what they’re talking about.

Also something hilarious about your post: You’re saying that it needs to be nerfed because it has one of the highest damage outputs completely ignoring the fact that it’s supposed to be like that. If you were complaining about ww damage with such insane mobility then that’d make more sense but DK?..

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I think that forums are full of such people tho. People stepping in their first arena and suddenly knowing everything about arena and crying how broken classes are.