Accidentally bought the wrong piece from the Azerite Vendor


Remove it!

Get it out of my eyes. I bought the wrong item so this system is horrible. Remove the vendor and titan residuum.

Also remove restaurants so I can’t order the wrong food and remove supermarkets so I can’t buy wrong goods


r u okey fam


Funny removing pvp vendors reason was bad post haha xd you’re a real comedian


Such sarcasm, much wow, good post


While the sarcasm is strong in this one. I can see the OPs point.

Nowadays if somebody runs into a tree. Then we will blame the gardener who planted it there instead of telling to watch where you are going…

(Lepanto) #6

Can’t believe you don’t want keyboards removed. What about those typos!!!


Eye use voice to text and it works just find

(Redoctober) #10

Lucky you Drae, I don’t even know where the vendor is, can’t find it!

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