Account register. From US to EU?



Is it possible to change your account register? Atm got it set on US but want to change it to EU. Or do I have to create a whole new account?

A short story to it: Friend of mine can’t see his friends nor communicate / start group conversations due to his account is register to US. Oddly enough I can see him online and Im on EU, but he cannot see nor interact with me and he is on US.

(Grelier) #2

If you mean if you can transfer your WoW EU account to US then answer is no. You can of course make new US WoW account or switch Battlenet desktop app’s region to US which allows you to talk to your friend using the desktop app.


Thanks for the reply!

However, I think it is the region. Then how do you switch the Bnet region from US -> EU? The issue is that he want to “switch / transfer” from US to EU so he can chat and see his friends on this list.

(Grelier) #4

If you mean the launcher you need to log off from it and when you get the log-in dialog option you have option to select the region above the username and password (click the earth globe icon). Note that changing region in launcher might cause you to get updates too early (when going from EU to US) or too late (from US to EU) for some games which might cause issues.