Ach do not work

I just get the mount for 15th anniversary, so I no I will get a ach for 350 mount
but the mount did don’t count, why??

Hey Halfdark,

Please have a look into this article, as it might explain it!

If you have a Paladin/Warlock/Death Knight alt try and log those and your count should go up, as the Blue above me linked to an article letting explaining it is individually for the character that can use mounts, so any class with a class mount will automaticly have a higher count.

Do note that the order hall mounts all count towards the total regardless of class you’re logged onto.

I have all class, and have log in to them all, but nothing happes

Sometimes it takes just time to update, sometimes even days, happens to me sometimes too but in time it updates.

Okay thx I waiting and see waht happens to the ach

Sorry Vossprey but there is something very wrong with the achievement counting for mounts. I get that having an alt with class mounts might cause a situation where 1 or two mounts are needed to ‘catch up’ but I got 4 mounts across a 3 week period and it didnt cause the horde of hoofbeats count to go up at all (stuck at 390) . Before and during this 3 week period I had not gained any class/prof specific mounts on any alt. Then I get the deathwing mount from the 15 year event and the count jumps to 392. The counting logic need looking at.

Just got the alabaster mount from 15th anniversary - count remained on 394.

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