[A]<Chaos Rising> raiding guild recruiting

A guild with the intention of clearing heroic and moving into mythic.
the goal in mythic is too see how many kills we can get no hardcore!!.
The officer team consists of experienced raiders.
We know that reaching our goal will take time and many wipes.
we are aiming to build a strong team that can be our foundation.

Right now we are recruiting mainly DPS for raiding and tanks/healers for mythic+
social players and players that wanna focus on Mythic+ are also welcome
Our main raid days are Thursday/Sunday/tuesday 20:00-23:00 server time
which means invites will start 19:45.
We will take breaks during raid every now and then

What can you expect from us?

we will make sure you feel at home.

always improving in and outside the raid

helping others too improve/learn/raid/keys/class/specc

Raiding on a chill schedule 3 days per week

relaxed raiding atmosphere.

different activities and alt raids are important to us.

We also go over tactics during raid.

Mythic+ pushing keys and doing chill weekly keys

What we expect from you:

understanding of your class, mechanics and the game itself.

good attitude towards raiding, and willingness to learn and improve with us.

progress raiding takes time and many wipes so we ask from you to be patient.

helpfull suggestions are always welcome.

prepare for raids, meaning reading tactics and bringing consumables

class/specc we looking for:

  • balance druid
  • shadow priest
  • dh dps with tank offspecc for mythic+
  • ww monk with tank offspecc for mythic+
  • any dps with a heal offspecc for the mythic+

for more info
bnet - sunna#21310
discord - sunna#4798

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