Actionbar Talent deleting itself

hey, if i learn a new skill in my talents, for example when I Skill ring of frost and drag it to the bar and later switch back to my old talent the icon of the ring of frost in the action bar is grayed out … for some reason the icon of the grayed out ring of frost is deleted by itself as soon as I do restart the game or load it into another zone. that is extremely annoying to pull the spell again and again as soon as I switch to the talent because my game removes it by itself. (everything also without addons) has nothing to do with addons, what could that be ?

Yup, it is insanely annoying. I have the same thing as boomkin when I swap between affinities. My vortex and typhoon keep phasing out of existence. What I did to fix this problem for myself was I created very simple macros and those do not get deleted when logging out or going into an instance.


/cast Typhoon


/cast Ursol’s Vortex

That’s my band aid.

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Heya Shzo

The game is simple cleaning up your bars of abilities you don’t have when you log in. There’s a few addons that save your action bars but I’m unsure if they can help with this issue. The macro below would be how I solve the issue myself. Identify spells that you regularly change in/out of and set up macros to always provide you with an ability or icon.

@ Babbleshabby
Assuming you’re a bear picking between Balance and Resto Affinity to get those spells, you can use something like this as s single macro.

/cast [spec:3,  talent:3/1] Typhoon, [spec:3,  talent:3/3] Ursol’s Vortex

Conditionals for which spec you’re in and then the row/column for your selected affinity.

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Oh wow yes that macro solved the issue for me, thanks to both of you !

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