<Adapt> [2/8M] 2-day Mythic focused group

Hi Everyone,

Adapt is a Mature but friendly, midcore raiding guild which is focused on clearing mythic content on a strict 2 day schedule. (We took a break after CN Mythic progression to establish our Classic guild which is now striving).

Most of our team is British but we have players from all over Europe though we are English speaking in raids.

  • Raid Times: Wednesday/Sunday 20:00-23:00 Realm Time/CET.

Current Recruitment:

  • Healers: (1) ; Holy Paladin, Preservation Evoker, Resto Shaman
  • Ranged DPS: (3): Shadow Priest, Mage, Warlock, Balance Druid

We are looking for players who are content to persevere while we form a strong team. Who share an ultimate goal of a well paced Cutting Edge next tier with improvements on rank thereafter. For this reason applicants should expect to provide strong logs, evidence of preperation and a good M+ score.

Contact me ingame Oxxie#2224 if you are interested in hearing more information.


You are guaranteed to have great time with Adapt :face_in_clouds:


Progress: 4/8M

Still interested in trialing a keen Warlock, Elemental shaman, DK or rogue.

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