Adapt - Horde - 8/8 hc 3/8m

(Faiya) #1
Adapt is now recruting more members to fill out our roster and continue our progress trough Uldir, we are currently at 8/8 heroic due to the fact that we were only a couple of friends
starting out this guild in the beginning and had to pug each week and we are tired of that now, we want to make this happen. We are a core team of around 10 people who have played
together for a long time, we have curve in old expansions, mythic raiding and in early stages of wow, we have heroic raiding. We are currently looking for more healers and ranged dps
to fill out our roster, we look into everyone that wants to join to see if you are suitable for the guild.

Raid times are: Thursday - 19.30-22.30
Sunday - 19.00-22.00
**Classes we need:** Tanks (CLOSED) Healers (Disc or Resto sham) Melee dps (CLOSED) _Ranged:_ Spriest(Low prio) Mage (High Prio) Balance druid (Low prio) Hunter (Medium prio) Warlock (Closed) Elemental shaman (Closed) We will consider any other applicants aswell regarding class and spec, just hit us up.
My b-tag is iavo#2200, add me and let's have a talk! =)

Thanks for your time and hope to see you soon! :)

Much love, Lexie - RL of Adapt.

(Faiya) #2
bump, in need of :

Paladins (Healer)
Death Knight (Dps)

(Faiya) #3
Update: 7/8 hc. Progressing Ghuun on sunday.

(Lexïe) #4
bump, going in to mythic next reset, just need a few more people!

(Lexïe) #6
06/11/2018 08:51Posted by Hunterbarn
Interested bm hunter
We are very interested in BM hunters! =)

(Lexïe) #7
06/11/2018 08:51Posted by Hunterbarn
Interested bm hunter
Hook me up on b-net mate! =)

(Lexïe) #8
Need a few more dpses to fill out the last spots! Hit me up!

(Lexïe) #9
Full on healers, tanks and melee


(Lexïe) #10
Bump - 1/8 mythic now after 1 week of raiding as a team.


Adapt are still looking for ranged dps.

Come join us wierd and funny peeps



Hey, i am new to BFA, are u interested in shamans? I am enh atm but can spec to elem. Just looking for a community to raid and have fun with.


Hello, yes we are, we could use a elemental mostly since we are heavy on melee atm


Al right i am gonna contact you in the evening

(Faiya) #15

bump, 2/8m, need ranged dps mostly =)


In need of One of two more ranged dpses.

(Faiya) #17

bump for next raid! Need more peeps!

(Kallila) #18

2 days a week would be golden for me, any chance you’re lacking a warrior dps(373) / tank(372)?

(Faiya) #19

Yes, that would be interesting. Hit me up on b-net Kallila! =)

(Lexïe) #22

Yo man! We have open spots for healers and ranged dps - Mages - Monks(Heal) - Hunter - Shammy - Boomie, for healer wise we can just do anything mostly but monk healer would be amazing to have.
The raid times are servertime yes =)
Hit me up on iavo#2200 for more talking =)


Balls then sadly we can’t make those raidtimes on Thursdays earliest we could make is 8 server time as we both don’t get in the house until around half 7 so as the raid would be starting