Add LFD and leave

The “classic” spirit is officially dead. done. gone. DELETED.
Anybody who still plays Wrath doesn’t care anymore about the purity or integrity of classic or can’t be asked to.
Stop beating around the bush making up more excuses, add the tool and leave us alone.
Like really. Leave.
Ever since BC the dev team has been on a crusade to ruin the classic gameplay experience and nonchalantly showing us that Classic is at the very bottom of their “to-do” list. If you can’t be asked to fix the game but add microtransactions then we don’t need you people other than major content releases.
Add LFD. The one non-classic thing the playerbase seems to not completely and utterly despise (anymore). And let us play whatever’s left of “classic”.


Ahahaha, no Blizzard will not leave.

Don’t speak for me. I genuinely play classic without the need of being boosted, GDKP, buying tokens, etc. I am one of those “purists”, if you will. LFD might be added in the future with the ICC patch as it did with Retail. Meaning that if it does release with ICC, it’ll still stick to the Classic route.

I hate the Token as much as many others but I am not forcing myself to buy it or acknowledge it’s existence. Out of sight, out of mind.


If only it worked like that


If you want lfd, why dont you just play retail?

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Makes no sense. I only want RFD because of alt leveling/gearing. Right now I’m only raidlogging once a week for Ulduar 25 HM+Alga, and that’s it. RFD is not late game, come on.

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Probably the lamest of response of all time. I mean, two can play that game. I can also tell you that you don’t have to use RDF, you can just run to the instance if you want.


Because I don’t like retail.

Thats a worse argument. Just give vendor that sells bis gear for irl money. You dont have to use it.

Rdf is a feature thats not in wotlk classic. It is in retail. If you want this feature, play retail.

Play the actual game and go on an adventure.

Or if you cbf, lets petition for 80 boosts.

Or go play something else if you dont want to play wow by going outside of the capital cities.

Guess what else isn’t a feature in WotLK classic, the WoW token.
Your definition of wotlk classic doesn’t exist anymore and thus the expectations of what will and won’t be added loses all meaning. Conspiracy theorists didn’t even imagine the WoW token to be added yet here we are.
The classic experience is dead, and the thin line that differentiated retail and wrath doesn’t exist anymore.

News flash, people are tired of doing the same old-world quests for the millionth time when leveling an alt. Leveling to 80 might not be as tedious as leveling to 60 in classic but the sense of adventure is long gone for most players who still stick around with the game.
Also you speak in a notion as if LFD is forced upon everyone, that if it were to come out leveling in the open world would not be an option anymore. If a person wants to grind dungeons to level why tf do you care? Why make it harder for them to play in a way that isn’t reciprocal to yours?
This dumb notion of gatekeeping non-classic features from a game that has long abandoned the classic spirit is so pathetic. Classic is dead, deal with it, it’s over.
Don’t like it? Go play era.

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In his defense, he is as opposed to Token as he is to RDF. Just because one of these got introduced does not change his (or mine) feelings on the matter.

Wow classic isnt wow wotlk 2009. Stop trolling, or stop being dumb.

Its wow CLASSIC. A reimagined version by modern Blizzard for the modern gamer in the modern economy.

We have better hardware, better information distribution, better internet, so youd never get the 2009 experience anyway. Why are you so hellbent on the stupid argument “iTs nOt 2009 WoTlK sO gIvE mE wHaT i WaNt”.

Blizzard will add what blizzard believes is right.

Stop your complaining. If you dont like it, unsub.


Impact, you say “play retail, if you want RDF”, but dont you understand the difference between feature and content? RDF enables playing content. Wotlk content, with wotlk class design. Even if you play wotlk dungeon on retail, its still dragonflight class design with ilvl/level squishes. Its like you go to classic era players, who just want focus on leveling, and tell them that they can level on retail too. Its not the same and the same is true for wotlk dungeons, which are much more accessible with RDF, because it helps with todays common gating and low participation rates due to custom changes (heroic+).

And ultimately, we have so many custom and retail features now, making the game feel “non-classic”, but RDF was actually a wotlk feature and most people remember original wotlk with exactly this tool available.

And Blizzard also thinks they did the best they could with classic, which they thought noone wanted to play at all. They have proven they have no idea in terms of what the players want.


It’s Blizzard’s game, they made it. They are the reason for you to play this game, you can hate on them all day long, but you can’t argue with that. If you don’t like how the game looks right now - there’s always unsubscribe button :slight_smile:

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Giving us a 50% hp and damage buff in raids will also allow more people to do the content.

They have no idea what the players want, and yet, here you are throwing money at them.

The Classic expirience died in late 2019 around phase 2. You are playing lookalike game with modern players thus having parcing and GDKP as the side effect. However anyone can play without these in their own pace if they like too and ever return to Era if they do not like, where Retail Classic is going.

Ah yes all of this stuff equates to the WoW token a feature that doesn’t in any way improves the game or fixes it and is purely designed to drain even more money from the already monthly paying consumer. Any homeless person could add the WoW token to the game and get promoted to senior manager for this “incredible” “innovative” and “unique” gameplay feature.
This “reimagined” version has had way more bugs and glitches that weren’t solved at time for months, and yes some aspects of the game were changed but here’s the thing. The changes were for the most part minor, at the end of the day reverting raid nerfs and or giving certain buffs still makes it wrath-like, hell even H+ is wrath-like because you’re grinding the same dungeons now with some extra catch-up. The RDF tool is Wrath-like because it originally came out in Wrath. Do you know what didn’t come out in wrath? The WoW token and the level boost which tbf it’s too late to complain about because it’s irrelevant. You’re making 0 points and just proving you’re some random pseud who has no idea what he’s talking about.

Doesn’t mean that Blizzard can’t be wrong. If EVERYTHING that is by Blizzard is supposedly what Blizzard believes is right then the game is perfect and there’s no reason to complain.
Stop being a bootlicker.

Another moron repeats the same stuff, “Just unsub bro”. No, I don’t want to unsub, how about you open your eyes and stop accepting every spoon of spoiled milk that’s being fed to you.
Also so much for them constantly reminding us in every interview that they “want” the maintain the classic experience, which was established in Vanilla. Minimum changes unless absolutely necessary.
Enjoy being lied to with no end.

I enjoy the game but I do not like the things Blizzard is doing. If I were to quit every time a decision they made bugged me I’d never play in the first place.
I swear people like you for some reason always correlate criticism with the idea that “if you don’t like it, leave”. Not taking into consideration that I’m referring to a couple of features in a way more vast game. I enjoy the gameplay. I enjoy the story. I enjoy the community (sometimes). And I understand that at the end of the day, Blizzard is a company and that Bobby really needs that 100th Yacht but it doesn’t mean that first and foremost lying and deceiving your player base is ok and that this rancorous, disrespectful decision was approved by people who most likely know very well the community reception.

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There is no reason to complain.

Perfect isnt the same for everybody.

If you dont like it, unsub.

Sorry to say but you claim to be a ‘purist’ but it’s very hard to believe that you never used anything that wasn’t ‘classic’. I obviously need more info on what your definition of ‘purist’ is. But even if you don’t acknowledge the existence of features it doesn’t mean that they aren’t there. So if the world around you is not entirely ‘classic’, and you decide to play this version of the game, can you really be a purist?

In comparison: You can claim to be a ‘vegan’, but you still drive a bike, car or public transportation that use adhesives or leather that may contain animal products. So if the entire world around you is not ‘vegan’ can you really be vegan?

Just food for thought.