<Addiction Therapy> [Silvermoon) Recruiting Raider for S4 and TWW

We are Addiction Therapy, [Silvermoon].
As a mythic raiding guild and filling up our raid roster, for the rest of this season and TWW we will rush into, for pushing cutting Egde.

Season 3: 6/9
Season 4: 6/8 Vault, 8/9 Abberus, 6/9 Amir. ATM

We are both ways are in both ways, social guild with alot of good helpful people, with a casual gameplay to a semi-hardcore raiding guild at the same time. So we got room for everyone. But we are looking for Raiders, atm.
We are raiding mythic 2 times a week, (Wednesday/Thursday). 20:00-23:00 ST.

We are looking for:

Shadow Priest
Elemental Shaman
Resto Shaman

We do respect eachother so when you join our community we hope you read and understand the rules that it brings.
Everything else is just enjoy and be a part of our good organized social and fun guild/community, with a GM, raidleaders and officers that always answar and help you as much as possible.

We also have a Casual gaming part of the guild where everyone is welcome to join us on fun events like Hc clear, m+ push and many more things.
You are always welcome to join in the discord and be social with our people.

Check our Warcraftlogs profile “Addiction Therapy”

For More INFO Add: pollemodex_66349 on discord