Addon remove from game


Hi since i started doing M+ i have seen a lot of miss guide comentaries arround de people and the addon Raider io.

As i have tested and confirmed people only care about high rated people with 1k up high rates and the problem that there is way to many people riping off players with selling 10+ runs on the game giving those boosted players a high rated score.

So the issue is that many players that i have accepted on my runs had like 1k up of score and dindt know nothing how to proceed with the dungeon affixes or what shoul he even do causing them to leave and ruin the key for the group.

Then whenever i try to go for a 10+ or higher allways get declined because i have no score and that makes me think what happen to the people that are not in a guild? or in a guild but dont do stuff like M+ with them? They get torn down by the others people are pushing down player’s that actualy are good because tehy dont use the addon the addon makes people not able to enjoy the ‘‘LFG’’.

I can assure that the Addon Raider io should be perma banned from the game.

We are here to play the game to learn what to do even if they are solo player casual we are not here to be labeled by an addon that does nothin but randomly numbers people by what it cant really see thats the ‘‘Player skill the player helping others the player evaluating the party and take the best course of action for the party’’.

I allways help people with dungeons i dont label them. I hope Blizzard takes action about this issue.

Lets make the game a place of friendship and not a place of ‘‘label’s’’.


I don’t have to spend more time than the necessary during a +10 or smtg because I have a player without a clue in the group, that’s the raider io addon porpuse

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to get 1k score for the weekly u need 1 +10 in time for each dung

the infest affix already requires a bit more coordenation.

i advise u to farm +9/+8 on ALL dungs, the diference between 1k and 900 isnt much


Just no

you want it gone because you don’t want people to know how bad you are and you want your weekly done.

mythic plus is the only thing keeping this game going at the moment.
advice would be to either farm your own key up and increase your score that way or go for a 9 on every dungeon in time which will give you a basic score to then get in keys which are higher.

just accept the fact that people dont want to play with you as you have no experience and they want you to do your job in the key.

out of curiosity would you expect to get in a HC raid without killing any bosses?


Solo queueing up to 1k rio score can be a quest near impossible.

Why? - Because sadly peoples who finally reached that rio score will look for experienced peoples, and i won’t lie I’m doing the same when forming a group.

So my biggest advice is actually find some peoples who are similar in progression as you are, and team up with them, and then progress together.
Atleast thats how it have worked out for me so far :slight_smile:


Saying that M+ is the only that keeps this game floating is ridiculous, pvp plays a good part too.

What I came here to note however, and as have been said earlier- form a team. That’s the way to progress in an mmo. It’s not a solo player experience- it’s a team effort


I have noticed that raider . io encourages extreme elitism, now I’m not sure what I am supposed to do, I am very experienced in wow, been plying over 10 years, I have 404 ilevel, and almost 1k RIO and yet I’m still being declined from 99% of groups, admittedly not all my runs have been on time, as I spend a lot of time boosting guildies and helping others, but honestly I do feel RIO is ruining the game because I know a lot of decent players, that find it impossible to get into any groups, ‘so make your own group’ I hear you say, which is fine we can do that, but what if I want to farm tol dagor for that trinket, i have to keep doing my key over and over until i get a td key? its ridiculous. I do like RIO in principle, its the players using it that ruin it.


I love RIO. Its the most trustwothy metric in the game. Even though, I am mostly punished by it. For example, just swapped mains, at season switch, and lost reference to my near 1k score. Limited with time, it takes me almost the full season to get to 1k.

But, I get it. I hate playing with the Dregs that can’t figure out what to do, EVEN after you tell them. M+ is a “good time” at +2, but people fail to realize, its “end game”/hardcore content. That means you need to know how to play your class, bring buff items, i.e. drums, foods, flasks, invis pots, everything possible even though they often won’t be used. Chance favors the prepared mind. I almost exclusively play healers (x2 druid,2x holy pala), and appreciate tanks that pull with some alacrity/urgency.

The problem people have with m+ is they want a free ride to loot. In the end, if you want loot, just farm +2s. The m+ activity is not for loot (though that is an adjacent by product), its not the reason to push keys above 2.

Some people just want to finish the highest key possible, for the highest possible chest. That is not the normal goal of m+ (though it could be for 5 Dregs). I have started to develop the mindset, if the key will not be in time, the group should just disband. It could be worthwhile for " learning," but that is only if 4-5 members would benefit from that, and those that don’t have the time to burn.

Edit: I almost like the original system better, where if you fail the time, there is no loot at the end of the dungeon.


Let’s be honest you shi tter :stuck_out_tongue: we pugged tanks and healers to 1500 …

@OP The great thing about being group leader is I can choose what ever invite criteria i want … maybe i just want night elfs … or DH DPS … (Ok, i dont want more DH’s … already have Nitan >_> )

@Yowzer Since youre not aware, whenever you put up a +10 Key there are about 30 DPS signing up … So why should i take you when there are 5 other people with higher ilvl, and classes with more utility? that’s not RIOs fault.


Yes Agreed, but that does not mean they are better players, in legion I was timing 15 keys no problem, and i know a lot of people who can easily complete high keys in time, but are not able too, due to being declined. Not everyone has time to farm RIO score, this does not mean they are bad players. The system is flawed and needs refining in my opinion.


Yes, and i raided hardcore in Vanilla, so Method should clearly invite me to their guild… That’s basically what you’re saying with your legion score.

What we did in legions means nothing now. And if you don’t like to be declined, make your own grp and use your own criteria… Im sure you’ll take the ilvl 400 Spriest with 0 RIO ahead of the Spriest with ilvl 400 and 1500 RIO …


@Maliky You’re missing the point… I do have a decent score and decent gear and experience, i know what to do and I do good damage but yet I still get declined. I know I’m not the top player, or method w/e, but i do believe myself to be above average and fairly decent at this game, as do a huge chunk of the community who are also in my position. Raider io is alienating most of these players, and catering only for the elitist minority. The reason I mentioned legion is because that was before RIO existed and the system was working just fine then.

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Well unfortunately all these discussions sort of boils down to “get some friends”. Finding a group as a dps trought dungeon tools a real bother unless your the F.o.t.m. dps class. Proving yourself to a smaler crowd are way easier then the whole EU.

Even with the greatest score and being a f.o.t.m. class it won’t really guarantee a group since there is like 20-30 dps signing up for +10 and beyond, within seconds. Given that theres three spots well 20+ dps will be declined and probably 10 or more so with 1k rio score. This is just reality rio or not…


because you play dps. If I open my group as a tank, I get 500 dds apply to my group instant…
Usually I don’t invite warlocks, because there are better classes for certain m+ dungeons.
With my druid tank I also get often declined for everything above +9 because people think guardians suck.
The solution for you is to push your own key and form the group by yourself.

Rio and ilvl are just indicators, but I also had groups where everyone had 1,2k+ and were just terrible players and had no team work.
Sometimes players get carried by others to their rio score.
Often in groups there is one not so great player, but yet you can still time a +10 and he gets the score. So at the end of the day the player has a high score but is still garbage. 1k score doesn’t mean much, I guess when you reach the score that you get from running +13 or higher, this chance will be slimmer