Addons to avoid?

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I’m new to pvp and wanting to get into arenas. Atm i’m trying to figure out my Ui (and what addons i should and shouldn’t be using) I’m currently using Hekili (a rotation helper addon) although i don’t know if i should be using that. Would it be a bad idea to use such an addon in pvp?


Probably - I’d start with gladius/sarena and bigdebuffs to be honest.

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I have those addons actually! I have gladius, weakauras and bigdebuffs and also hekili :slight_smile:

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I’ve never heard of that addon before, but I would suggest that you don’t use it, not only because it’ll help you become better in the long run by making decisions on what would be the most optimal yourself, but also because doing damage in pvp can be quite different from pve, with wanting to pool resources and such.

Aside from the ones already suggested, I strongly recommend omnibar to let you track other peoples cooldowns.

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i use gladius cooldown icons under elvui health frames. also omnibar and gladiatorlosa


top 3 addons u want to have are -Gladius.Omnibar,Bigdebuffs.Also aim to have clean ui so u can see things.Also check this video will help u alot -

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Idk if Nameplatecooldowns is still a thing but that addon was basically cheating.

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avoid gladiatorlosa at all costs unless you wanna be the kid who gets pushed in lockers between classes

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Raeli’s Spell Announcer can be a good addon for arenas especially if you dont use voice. You can set it up to announce to your party chat when you use a specific CC / cooldown / successfully kick a player.

Makes it a bit easier to know what / when you / your partner is doing something.

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Gladius - Omnibar - BigDebuffs - FlyPlateBuffs

You don’t need anything else tbh

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