Adjusting Mythic Dungeon Difficulty

We are fixing an issue with the difficulty of Mythic Dungeons (Mythic 0) not being increased by the intended amount with the start of Season 3, which has caused an unintended difficulty gap between Mythic 0 and Mythic +2.

After the change goes live momentarily, it should help make advancing from Mythic 0 dungeons into attempting Keystones feel smoother and less of a big jump in difficulty.

Please fix Shadow Priest as well. There seem to be some problems with it.


Wait, what does this even mean?

Does this scale multiplicatively up to 15’s for example so they’ll feel relatively less challenging compared to last week?

It means that m0 was too easy and wasn’t scaled with the new scaling for s3. M0 will be made harder as a result of this to bring it in line with m+2.

Higher keystones are unaffected.

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