Adventures Available Missions Updated

With a hotfix that went live earlier today, we’ve updated the Adventures system to provide more lower-level Missions to all players who have progressed the Adventures system to an advanced point.

Our goal with this tweak is to make it easier to find appropriate Missions for your Companions who haven’t yet leveled up to the heights of their counterparts, if you have any.


Thank you for doing this has been much needed .


Nice one.


Thanks, that helps alot :slight_smile:


This is so great, I noticed it today and was very happy to see it!

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what about nightfea who over leveled on campaign mission and bricked the mission table?

Can finally do some missions with my lower leveled ones instead of sending on suicide missions or forcing to use a high level champion alongside them.

Should’ve been smart about it 8).

heh bailing out all the people who abused dreamteam eh. id have left them to struggle xD

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A good change, much needed. Thank you.
Up until this update, I’ve been throwing my companions with 1 HP at elite missions just to get exp, because they used to always die with full HP anyway.

Great! :+1: :+1:

Uhmm…this isnt working. All the low level missions that i was still getting are now gone.
Since this week I’m only getting missions from lvl34 to 48 while my followers range from 11 to 34.

Nice system you have unlimited lvling companions with unlimited missions scaling, half of them autolost. Kekw

Much better!

Although now it does seem silly that you have to throw so much more strength at a level 34 xp mission for 1500, than you do at a level 14 for 1000. Allowing for downtime after injury, it’s better to only do the low ones…

Amazing, thanks!

Lots of good changes recently :slight_smile:

Ah - just seen this, avoided that table, however may have a dabble now - cheers! :+1:

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Nice, thanks for that. I’m wondering about the high-end missions though as some of the main campaign ones seem impossible even with the strongest minions I have and most of them level 32.

How far is it possible to progress the mission table campaign as of now?

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