Adventures Companions Updates Now Live

With hotfixes that are now live, we’ve applied a suite of updates to Adventures for the Kyrian and Venthyr Covenants, in hopes of bringing their performance while adventuring up to that of the Necrolords and Night Fae. Here’s a list of all of the changes that are now in effect.

The Kyrian Covenant Companions were a mix of durable combatants and fragile fighters who had big abilities, but deploying them effectively wasn’t as intuitive as expected. To compensate, we’ve boosted many abilities and decreased some Companions’ overall fragility.

  • Pelagos health increased by 20%.
  • Teliah spell effectiveness increased by 18%.
  • Kythekios attack increased by 50%.
  • Telethakas health increased by 100%, and spell effectiveness increased by 167%.
  • Hala health increased by 17%, attack increased by 50%, and spell effectiveness increased by 30%.
  • Molako health increased by 67%, and spell effectiveness increased by 33%.
  • Ispiron attack increased by 33%.
  • Nemea attack increased by 33%, and spell effectiveness increased by 50%.
  • Pelodis attack increased by 33%, and spell effectiveness increased by 50%.
  • Disciple Kosmas health increased by 20%.
  • Bron attack increased by 50%.
  • Apolon health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 100%.

Many of the Venthyr Covenant Companions were not as well established in their different roles as we hoped. Some had a powerful attack, but were beaten before they could deploy it. They’ve each received an improvement that fits with their purpose.

  • General Draven health increased by 25%.
  • Nadjia the Mistblade health increased by 30%.
  • Theotar health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 20%.
  • Stonehuck health increased by 25%.
  • Kaletar the Mender health increased by 20%, and spell effectiveness increased by 67%.
  • Ayeleth the Deprived health increased by 38%, and spell effectiveness increased by 43%.
  • Rahel health increased by 40%, and spell effectiveness increased by 100%.
  • Stonehead health increased by 25%, cooldown increased to 4 rounds (was 2), and spell effectiveness increased by 400%.
  • Simone health increased by 38%.
  • Bogdan spell effectiveness increased by 150%.
  • Thela Soulsipper health increased by 38%.
  • Dug Gravewell health increased by 14%.
  • Nerith Darkwing health increased by 38%.
  • Lost Sybille health increased by 50%, and spell effectiveness increased by 40%.
  • Vulca health increased by 25%, and spell effectiveness increased by 25%.

We’ve additionally updated the Ardenweald Bramble Trap ability to correct a bug that caused its damage reduction to incorrectly apply permanently to enemy units.

  • Ardenweald Bramble Trap ability redesigned. This is now a 1-cooldown ability which deals damage and reduces the damage of the next enemy attack.

Well it won’t make the missions fun, but at least less frustrating :+1:t2:


Praise Jebus

You couldn’t have did all this in the official beta instead of the paid beta?


wow - effective action, why can’t they be as surgical with classes and spells.


It’s depressing that these changes are more in detail than the class tuning changes


Do they realise that the reason Night Fae were so OP was because of the Bramble Trap bug?

Now that has been fixed nothing is winning and can’t level up effectively as there are no XP missions


It says they are live but I just checked and they aren’t.

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Hopefully Night Fae champions wont be left unchanged too, a lot of them are incredibly underwhelming and weak. The only reason NF looked op, was because of trappers, who got a deserving nerf.


Finally, only like 2 months too late.

Anyone remember how we asked for this like 2 weeks into the expansion and they were dismissing us by saying it will “balance out” later?
Well what happened to that?

Once again proves that Blizz doesn’t listen at all.


Sorry to say, but when you’re making changes that large, someone completely dropped the ball at adventure companion balancing.

The generic units also really need to be fixed. I mean, Night Fae have a reasonably tanky damage reducer and a healer (which get even better seeing how slow and overpriced anima healing is…). Venthyr have two squishy, not all that great dps units with no debuffs. Ideally there should at least be a healer, a tank, and a dps unit for each covenant, at the very least to make up for missing heroes in that role


As a Fae-monk I find the trapper change saddening. It was literary the only thing that my convenant was good at. It was strong but wouldn’t buffing other conventant missions tables be enough to make up for that? If we follow that logic (“something” is way stronger then other convenants) then we should expect Kyrian-in combat abilites nerf as well.
Guess now no convenant will be able to complete soul ash mission. Speaking of which, I don’t understand why it is so difficult mission - is it supposed to be normally doable only once you don’t care about soul ash anymore?


I genuinely am very happy with this!

But… please, we deserve to know…

Why did it take so long?

And why was it never actually tested before launch?

Blizzard are not a small indie dev. How did nobody sit down with this minigame, put hours down to seconds, and run through a few hundred missions to prove that they actually could be done? It should have been something you could run through in a couple of days and made sure it worked, instead of waiting 2 months in to apply massive balance fixes.

When numbers from 20-100% are involved in balancing, we know that it launched broken. Properly, properly broken.


The necrolord companion Bonesmith Heirmir Serrated Shoulder Blades passive doesn’t work at all. An enemy is supposed to take damage when they hit her, but they don’t.

I have noticed as well that one of Plague Devisers Marileth ooze powers doesn’t work either, as it does not give your ally 10% more max hp.

Haven’t been paying enough attention but i believe some other minions have faulty powers as well, but i still have to look into the combat logs.

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I have already failed two missions with Night Fae. Yes, I agree the trappers probably needed a nerf/fix, but if you apply that, you need to buff the champions, they are just as weak as the Venthyr and Kyrian champions, only they got carried by trappers where Venthyr and Kyrian didn’t have a strong troop type. Meanwhile, Necrolords are still being carried by the sheer amount of aoe their troops can put out and have received no adjustments.

I am now at lv 34-39 missions with level 33ish companions. Previously I would just send any random champion with a trapper entourage and complete any mission, even ones I was underleveled for. Yes, I agree that wasn’t balanced or fair or probably intended, but I’m now afraid I might be stuck in a failed mission loop with the trapper nerf/fix and no champion buffs. By waiting so long to address the trapper situation, you now have players that have effectively painted themselves into a corner with their adventure table, unable to progress because the missions they were doing comfortably are suddenly too high level for the undertuned and underleveled champions. I don’t want to even think what my situation would be now if I pushed past lv40 missions, something that was perfectly abd easily possible, I just chose not to. If I did, I would be royally screwed right now with an essentially unusable adventure table.

And there are people that pushed like that.


dont know who said that night fae is the only one that can do soul ash as i have been doing it as nercrolord for ages, not as easy as the night fae one and need a lot more heros to do it then night fae used to need

Oh nice. I guess back to adventure mission ranking.

It was getting super difficult to deal with around lvl 46 for venthyr.

the ranged minion(the one you can use a lot of) says that it will give x damage each turn for 4 turns, just like a poison but now it is only once.

also agree with bonesmith and plague are both bugged to

I’m grateful that my Venthyr may finally be able to complete missions or at least more than the horrific fail rate I currently enjoy.

It’s a shame you didn’t create all covenant mission tables equally in the first place.


Can someone explain the difference of Fae Trappers now after this nerf ?

I struggle with the obvious sometimes :sweat_smile: