Advice for my goals



I am not the greatest player only ever achieving around 2.1k previously and never going higher due to time and real life commitments.

As I could never push to be elite and I enjoy most classes one of my goals has always been to get 1.8k on every class for fun and a personal achievement.

Due to erratic play times I don’t have regular team mate and I use lfg. Due to having a small child I also don’t use voice as I need to listen out for them.

It sounds like a silly question as alot depends on the meta etc, but I’d love to get people’s advice on what order I should play each class from easiest to hardest to get to 1.8 for each. I think starting with the easiest will give me more time to practice PvP in general and get me ready by the time I play more complicated classes.

I have already completed it on a paladin (holy). An order of what you think I should do them in would be great. Don’t worry about enjoyment or meta, I just enjoy playing the game regardless of class and I can always swap out the order if the meta is terrible for one class and it’s unplayable. Also please remember this is for 1.8k only as some classes I believe may be much harder to get glad for example but may be stupidly easy to get through the 1.8k bracket due to player skill at that rating.


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