[A][EU][Hellscream-Aggramar]<Valhalla> LF Mythic Raiders for SL

Valhalla is a semi-hardcore two night a week raiding guild with a good atmosphere and a large active player base. We will be pushing for an early AOTC and CE in Shadowlands.

We have several multi-tier CE players but got defeated by the roster boss halfway through 8.3. We recently had a big push on recruitment and got to 10/12 mythic in 2 months.

We are accepting applications from all classes, a good attitude, a good sense of humour and 90%+ attendence for raiders is a must.

If you are looking for a new home and would like raid in Shadowlands please contact ikiarplat123#4572 on Discord.

If you are not interested in raiding but prefer M+ or PVP please feel free to get in touch as well. The majority of our raid team were over 3k io in S4 and we have several high end arena players with Glad titles.