[A][EU][Outland] <Lazer Hawkz> New Raiding/M+ Guild

We’re currently looking for all roles/classes

Hello everyone,

We’re a newly formed guild that recently moved fully from EVE to WoW, if you are looking for a chill raiding guild in Shadowlands, look no further.

We are based on EU/UK time, raid days are undecided as of yet but the time will be around 8pm.

If you are willing to improve at World of Warcraft and progress in raids with friendly and dedicated players, then you might want to join us. We expect applicants to be committed players, but as always real life comes first, so dont expect to be kicked if you cant make raids. We expect you to have a basic understanding of how the raid works, dont be afraid to ask questions.

What you can expect from us :

-An actually chill community. We can absolutely guarantee that our guild is a nice place to be in. We have a really good mood going around thanks to the fact that our members are mature and respectful people, which allows us to have a lot of banter going around. You can and should voice your opinions and recommendations when it comes to strats and general raiding.

-A relaxed gaming environment. You can also expect a very active Mythic + community, and raiding at least 2 nights per week.

We’re currently looking for all roles/classes, all players will be considered regardless of skill level as long as you are willing to learn.

You’re obviously expected to be a respectful and mature person towards everyone in the guild.

Contacts on discord:


Thanks and we hope to see you soon!

Hay I’ve added you on discord but thought I may as well put a message here. I’m looking for a chill raiding guild and I’d love to join if you’d have me. I’ve had raiding experience up to mythic progression and will be playing blood DK in shadow lands. Would happily tank raids and mythic plus for you guys if you’re still looking for a tank.

Just an update might play demon hunter tank instead. (Changing mind because of class balance reasons)

Hey there,

I’m a disc priest looking for a nice guild to do M+ and some normal/HC raiding with.
looking for mature people who also have fun. Usualy i’m online in the evening times.
Not that much experience with M+, do have lots of expierence with raiding.

Would love to join you guys.

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