Affliction needs change

Evening everyone!

couple of things first: i dont queue 3s in this current meta, my experience is 2.2k in 2s and 2.1 k in 3s, im currently 25% versa.

I’m having hard time enjoying arena atm, and its not because every matchup is mage/holypala/ret/arms/WW, but simply because affli is not fun to play atm.

I’ve been doing some 2s with a disc friend (bis setup i know), mainly for the lols and gear, however, i often find myself spending 90% of these arena games trying to survive, where as the zugzug melee coming at me is trying to get a kill. Affli feel soooo dampen atm, and im sure lock is gonna benefit from this in later seasons or when people get more gear.

I often find myself on top of the scoreboard when the game ends, but im asking myself: uhhm, where is that dmg? because the other team has been full health the entire game and the healer ended the match on full mana. sure, we do have some burst. if both targets are fully dotted with soul rot on both of them, and they are standing right in front of me allowing me to spend 5 shards on malefic rapture, but it’s not very often that happens.

and surviving vs melee teams cant be a struggle. It’s a fact that lock have great mobility atm, and with good reasons. as soon as a melee breathes on me its an instant defensive. its unforgiving to make mistakes vs melee as affli atm. is the warrior gonna charge? better have a way out of that. is he gonna leap? better have a way out of that, and i love it! it feels rewarding and fun when you end an arena game after 3 minutes and the melee has barely touched you yet, but as soon as i make a mistake im either dead or my healer is OOM after spamming heals for 20 secs straight. i feel like certain other classes can get away with making mistakes quite easy, and its no longer fun when you’re requiered to play out of your mind as a lock VS certain classes, but the opponent could afk for 3 mins while laughing at you, and still win the game.

I’m not sure what would fix affli atm, because its not in a great spot, but it needs something changed, because we have no way of competing in the current meta, unless you’re chanimal.

Sorry for scuffed english.


Agree with your post. Well I think that the very first thing that should be buffed its survivability.

As I said under different posts, I think Soul Link would fix lot of problems.

Then we should look at lock’s healing. Drain Life outside Soul Rot is weak and Healthstone is on combat cooldown. My solution for this is simple, remove combat cd from it (for locks only)

Then we should look at reductions. We only have Unending Resolve on 3 min cd. So either buff it’s duration or reduce it’s cooldown.

There are many other changes, I would like to see for sure but this would be good start.

Right now in arena you have to kite. Chanimal make nice guide about that.

Also playing good comps is crucial for lock. For example shadowplay. I am about to try Affli, Holy, Feral (even tho WW would be better replacement) ^^

Even if you win against Affli you lose at the end.

I was spamming 2v2 rated last night on my Ret, they play with a Resto Druid spamming entangling roots on you xD. So I told my healer to wait behind pillar, let the dirts get angry instead of us, we trolled them hard and I oneshotted Affli eventually and /laughed at him. You deserve it buddy, you deserve it.

They are boring to play against on 3v3 too. I don’t know why Warlocks and Mages should always bring toxic kits to arena.

Funnily on my warrior this is like the only strategy where we could win over affli+druid in 2s.

There is no other option yea, it is time consuming stategy but there is no other solution.

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