Affliction vs Demonology in Torghast

Hey there Warlock community, I’m having trouble utilizing my main spec (affliction) in Torghast versus Demonology. This is due to the anima powers called Hellfire pact and Pact of infernal intimacy which scales really well with demons in general.
I did a test run along with a prot paladin in Layer 8 twisting corridors with Affliction and Demonology right after one another picking only powers related to the spec i was playing.

DPS results with 60+ Anima powers:
Affliction ~ averaging between 11 to 25k dps
Demonology ~ 40k to 110k dps
i have even tried going solely for powers buffing demons as Affliction and damage is improved vastly over picking Affli related powers (pet doing over 50% of my damage).
So in my conclusion Demo is way superior in torghast solely because of the Anima powers related to pets/demons. Any thoughts?

It is. At least we have one little sh!tty area of the game to shine… I’ve been waiting 3 weeks now for the the opportunity to get the one legendary I need, but of course there is no Fractured Chambers wing available, so I’m doing Twisting Corridors in hope of getting it, but of course after 4 layers (for now) i got dazzling ~20 gold :slight_smile: Torghast is fun and timegating is just :kissing:
Back to the topic, demo is insane. Don’t know if you do less and less damage on higher layers, but 110k dps as a demo is not even much.

it is. it’s a lot smoother/easier. having to apply dots to countless mobs vs having your felguard charging them and felstorming feels a loot better.

also, the powers for “big cd demons” are a lot better for demo/destro since darkglare is so useless.

You can reset Twisting Corridors by re-entering until you get Fractured Chambers

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