Affliction Warlock/ Rot Class PvP Really Suffering Especially Solo Shuffle

Currently, playing in retail as a Rot class like my warlock has been incredibly pain staking losing ranking from losses in a Solo Shuffle due to the high priority target getting all the 18 stacks of dots removed. Even more so annoying when using a GCD such as Phantom or Soul Rot… I understand that this allows for play making within the game scene however in solo shuffle people seriously don’t seem to understand that their soft CC takes all the dots away from the character even if told before hand.

Ice Trap, Blind, Disorientate and however many others are able to remove friendly Dots off the target. It is so so hard to actually play as a rot character within solo shuffle right now without being penalized by my own team. I understand why it has been implemented due to complains of the dots instantly breaking all soft CC. But this in turn made our Rot specs especially the Affliction Warlock so irritating to play, there is nothing worse than maintaining all your agony 18 stacks consistently and working up to mass pressure the enemy team and then boom a pala runs in AoE blinds the whole enemy team and destroys all the pressure created…

Is there any possibility it could be changed to make the CC not delete all the dots and instead just be hard cc where it gains only a chance of breaking?

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reroll demo bask in the dumb damage and dumb amount of micro cc


thats like saying dont play caster, play melee or vice versa. It may be the same class but the feeling is totally different and tbh its now no difference if its the same class or another to reroll/relearn/respec.

Rot specs are currently undervalued. The laughauble thing is semething like ele is more rot than affli, balance or sp. Only feral could still be counted as a “rot” spec.

^ Literally. Demo lock is just hell to put up with.

Some people enjoy the spec not the class, so they want to play a certain spec.

And the game needs to slow down a bit, it is way to fast. Look at Team Liquid with the one shot comb.

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Yeah man! Not really a fan of the demo due to it doesn’t feel like im doing the damage just spamming out pets XD, fortunately they are reducing the damage and increasing the health for the next patch coming tonight :slight_smile: no more 30 second arenas XD

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I didnt have this much problem with that tbh, but it sounds really awful the way you described it.
Usually the enemy healer could be barely found near his teammates so often, spam UA, very fun when healer dispells 2 of them, might be 1shot.
Also do them dirty with fears and amplified slows if needed, that might help you separate the enemies, so that your good teammates cant that much of their ‘impact’ on your DoTs

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Bro nah thats not what i mean, i mean our team mates using things like Blind, Paralysis, paladin AoE blind, Ice Trap, Disorientate and all other soft CC removes our dots for free without a proc cause its team mates removing it our team mates… UA dispell on the other team I have no issue with infact i like when they remove it cause it does damage. The issue I have is when Mr Monk or Mr Hunter decides its a good idea to Paralysis or Iceblock the high priority target and remove all our dots for free 18 stacks of agony corruption and UA and completely remove the pressure we had up for free without the dispell damage…

Then just arrange who is the kill target with your team before the round starts, and hopefully that would force not to immune cc but kill the target :sunglasses:

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Bro i try! But sometimes I’ll get a monk whos chasing the chosen target getting kited out by him but he is on 20% health.

Then while im hitting malific rapture and soul drain to get the kill, they will just hit paralysis… so they can catch up removing all my dots, it is by far one of the most painful experiences as a rot class xD


Wish you strength then, a lot of it to endure this experience and climb higher where it wont be an issue. Fortunately I didnt have these sort of players in my shuffles … so far xD

I felt it, too. It is really hard on a fast meta to climb as a rot class. But i like DF Affliction.

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