Afflock/healer vs rogue/rdruid

been having problems with this comp, combat rogue resto druid. I’m playing affliction warlock / {pug healer} so I have in my mindset apply dots to both and fear both to build pressure swap drs about ETC. Getting dots on a resto druid is hard if he’s any good the rogue just locks me down all game so I can never land any fears. and when I kite the rogue to bring the druid in I get two dots on him then dispel there gone. It’s only combat rogues and assassination I have this problem with. If I kite the druid about I end up burning through my CDs and just die to random dmg most of the time or the healer just ooms out. what’s the strat for winning.

I played this matchup a lot vs ppl like dakkroth/fearmydear in s3 and realistically u are never supposed to win this matchup which is just part of 2v2 and arena in general, even if you play much better you are supposed to always lose.

your win condition is to kill the healer, the rogue should never die and should not even be considered as a target outside of double dotting to drain druids mana

if you allow the rogue to 1v1 u while druid is dispelling/healing from pillar u will lose 100% of the time

ur only real win condition is to port ontop of them get a double howl/coil go and kill druid with darksoul/mindgames/boon/chastise stun

if you play with a resto druid yourself u can dampen them actually and have a better chance of winning than relying on a gimmick go on the druid when u are with a priest

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my guy, everyone has a problem with this comp

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I have faced an outlaw rogue yesterday on 2.3 mmr who kidneyd into full dr. That tells you alot about the specc.


I think you are too harsh. He was obviously feeling bad about Outlaw being so good and tried to give you a chance !

He killed my healer in a random kidney at some point.

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But he tried to make it fair ! He should be remembered as a nice guy.

I’d stick with the “he was an extemely bad player but outlaw is forgiving af”.

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You need to try and see the best in people, even fotm rerollers !

SL has made me so toxic i have started coffeebagging every tank player i meet in arena. There is no hope for me anymore to see anything good in people in this game. :joy:


i m at a point where the mere slashing sound of outlaw makes me tilt


Nah this is normal, not toxic. These people actually deserve the worst.

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Lul, i come across this alot, outlaw dogs are really something special

Was about to say the same. Even Nexintus used to do the occasional /laugh at them when we faced tank teams, and that’s saying something.

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