<After Midnight> 8/9M Late Night Raiding

(Veero) #1

About After Midnight

Server: The Maelstrom
Faction: Horde
Guild Size: 20-25 raiders
Guild type: PVE, Semi-hardcore
Progress: Uldir 8/8M // BoD 9/9HC 8/9M

Raid Schedule:

Tuesday - 1.30-4.00 AM ST
Thursday - 1.30-4.00 AM ST
Friday - 1.30-4.00 AM ST

Goal: Cutting Edge on all upcoming raids whilst raiding at a late night raiding schedule.

Other information:

The guild is filled with mature experienced laid back, banter-loving raiders because of their in real life schedules that prevents them from raiding on normal times. Our raiders are very dedicated, loyal and hard working trying to ensure that all content is completed on time.

We are hoping you will make a great addition to our team.

If you are interested please contact us ingame or add:
Veeto#2676 – Aerithorn#2876 – Geebaws#2550 – Hanouki#2817


Looking for all dps and a resto shaman.

(Veero) #3

Looking for all dps and a resto shaman. 8/9M


Recruitment still open for all DPS and a Resto Shaman!