After today I get the Mythic+ LFG struggle of some players to find a group

Score, ilvl even key level had no bearing.

Maybe you can’t really presume when you have no idea about keys you weren’t part of :stuck_out_tongue:

DPS still outnumber tanks and healers by a huge margin when pugging.

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Same story in pvp but atleast we get rated solo que in dragonflight.

It isnt hard to implement m+ solo queues!! But whatever…

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Why do you think it would be any different than what is currently going on with queuable content? You’re always waiting for tanks and healers, even with content you can queue for.


Why. Would. A. Tank. Want. To. Use. A. Random. Matchmaking. System.


underrated comment.

There. are. other. two. role. in game. as. well. DPS and HEALER.

You did not say it but you do imply this if you create a “bohooo” topic.

The solutions to not be overlooked are two and simple:

  • Play your key. You don’t have the key you want and need to join others? Fine, here is solution n°2.

  • Play more requested role.

If you want to pug, you need to be flexible. If you do not want to be flexible, you need to play your key.

If you do not want to play your key and also want to play DPS 100% of the time then pugging is not the place for you.

Oh right, better sit in que and whine on forum instead. Great solution you got there.

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Ah i see, i haven’t touched any DPS spec for a long time.
I basically only tank now, planning to get into healing with the new evoker class.
Half of the LFG parties have tanks and healers in them now, i just noticed a big increase lately. Cross faction might be the reason.

It’s a hard to find a raiding guild that needs a tank though, so that’s why i’ll go healer, haven’t really raided due to that.

Ah, so they will be happy to use the system with no tanks in it? I was worried it might go unappreciated for lack of tanks (and probably healers), but let’s do it then!


True but it would helpf if we could simply queue for more dungeons in one go.

We know DPS are the most prevalent and ofc keyholders have every right to cherry pick the FOTM classes to do their keys.

Some of they key groups we got into last night simply gave up after not being able to find a tank or healer, so they disband too.

I don’t think there is any easy solution for this. Me playing a tank or healer so badly everyone leaves is definitely not the answer :joy:

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I just do my Own Keys on my alts.

Till now i am still able to just do keys with failtrain. So i am still not sure why people got into the pug-nightmare.

takes a deep breath to comment this isnanely idiotic take

looks at the authors name

/sigh…nevermind. :man_facepalming:

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Yup. That’s the hard reality.

It’s like in RL: if you want good job opportunities, you need to do something that’s in demand. Bonus points if it’s difficult to do and few people can do it.

I think tanking isn’t as hard this season as in previous ones, because the seasonal M+ affix isn’t that complicated. Protection paladins are quite easy to tank with, because they can get thread easily with Divine Toll, and they have the best interrupts with Avenger’s Shield, so they can shut down annoying caster mobs. So if you want groups, give tanking a try.

Healing is probably harder than ever, because some of the dungeons are over-tuned, and stuff deals tons of damage.

My LFG window 1 minute after listing as a tank, I only need three of them, so sure there will be a lot of people not getting in, matchmaking system won’t solve it. That’s the reality.

I’m not sure what Blizz can do about that to make it fun. Why is it a turn off? You have solutions but you don’t want to take them. If you have a key you’re not keen on , list it, pick some OP people running for Valor, get it over with as quickly and easily as possible, get new key. Not the most fun you can have, but saves you wasting your time. Surely that’s better than wasting 25 minutes and coming to whine? You could definitely have completed your unwanted key in 25 minutes.


this wouldnt solve anything for you and for forums complainers htough . m+ solo que woudl be based on score. so you woudl have to do tens of dungeons before you could que for dungeons that interest you .

my advice is simple - its something what i do - when i try to join a group i whisper leader

"2700 exp last tier , could you please invite know the dungeon really well "

you woudl be surprised how far you can get with a little politeness.

or play tank / heal - on my tanks i join +14s easy with 170 score from last week :slight_smile:

complained about it last week, ppl made fun of me or said they couldnt beleive

guess its happenin for real and i aint that crazy

Run your own keys