Age of Darkness next expansion?


So much that it’s already a book based on the warcraft universe :smiley: I agree, I wouldn’t mind the title being re-used

(Seralya) #22

Hehe, that explains why I have it in the back of my head. Yeah, no harm in using it as a game title; a good title is a good title!


If that title is real, I wouldn’t mind, actually it gives me hope that N’Zoth wins :octopus: :octopus: :octopus: and the age of darkness (void) begins…
if it is fake, I wouldn’t mind either


I think, it will be a good expansion because it feels good to fight in order to survive against the darkness without getting help from titans or someone. Then by the end most powerful NPCs getting kill in the game in order save us

(Darklight) #25

Big old pass on that name if true.

Then again, the past expansion names have been literal and uninspired too. Orcish clans on Draenor? Warlords of Draenor. Invasion by the Legion? Legion. War between Alliance and Horde? Battle for Azeroth. Pandaria surrounded by mists? Mists of Pandaria.


I laughed way too hard for that. But yeah… makes sense.

(Khareal) #27

How many so called leaks have there been so far during last month or so? Three? Four?

(Danellos) #28

I think “Rise of the Black Empire” would be the coolest expansion name ever.

(Darklight) #29

I was thinking that, also “Ny’alotha Awakens” or something to do with Ny’alotha.

But then if you haven’t scratched the surface of Warcraft’s lore or even touched Warcraft before… Only current players and/or fans would get it.


Someone told me This is will be last expansion ever because we told all stories … i say this…

The plumber will have full hands of job…time is money friend :joy:


For next expac I would personally like Nzoth to destroy all dailies and unmake 8.2 npcs respawn times to 8.1 lvls.
Also he can have Azerite neck with it’s grind, essensces, Nazj bodyguard, pets, and pet battles.
In exchange I would only ask for bringing back to life pvp vendors.

(Áranaría) #32

Well that tells me all I need to know that it’s probably complete tosh.

(Áranaría) #33

Read about The Black Empire in the lore books the entire thing does fascinate me on one way and it’s pretty damn disturbing in others as well actually makes the stuff going on now look pretty petty by comparison.


Is it like black Friday - best deals anywhere or they called it black cause it was ruled by bad old gods?
Times change, can’t wait to see how do they plan to retcon that xD


But… I thought the next one was already decided to be Russell Crowe’s Discodancer, why did they change it?


wouldnt the dark below be more fitting, i mean in the past the was some thing going on about the blizz copyrighting this, but it turned out to be vfa instea. Age of darkensss sounds mpre like ageneric stand alone game. Exansions in wow generally dont last long enough lorewise to be called an age

this is also acceptable

(Darklight) #37

Very true. I sincerely doubt we’re going to see real cult-like behaviour, mass ritual sacrificing etc. The age rating would never allow it.


I reckon the next expac will be underground. inside the planet. That,s just wild speculation though.


Please no, can’t fly indoors


First time ever hearing that.