🐱 [A][Golemagg] <Mew> Social/Casual | 2-day Raiding (Wed/Sun) | 8/8 BWL

:small_blue_diamond: Mew | :eu: Golemagg | Social/Casual :cat:

:wastebasket: Who are we?
Mew is a small “multi-gaming” community, basically a bunch of weirdos who sit on discord, play lots of games, talk a bunch of crap, share memes and have a good ol time.
We (mostly) all have jobs, families and real life to put up with, so we are a guild for people who want to experience all that WoW has to offer but at a more relaxed pace.

:notepad_spiral: What are we offering?
☆ A welcoming and warm environment.
☆ Experienced class leaders and officers.
☆ Raid nights Weds/sun 8-11pm UK time
☆ Premade BG groups
☆ Active discord with tonnes of resources
☆ In-game as well as out of game events
☆ Dank memes, cute animal pics and more memes

:crossed_swords: Current recruitment:
We are currently accepting socials and PvPers of all class and level.
We are highly seeking PvPers to do premades and other tomfoolery.

Our current raid roster is full but exceptional players are always encouraged to enquire

:fire: All current content is on farm:fire:

We are using a loot council system, using RCLC.

How to join:
If you’re interested in joining, please either whisper Syl, Greebo or Harry in game, or join our discord and introduce yourself!

See you in game!

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bump :smiley:

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Still searching for locks and holy palas :>

Really fun guild to be a part of, I would recommend to anyone on Golemagg looking for a friendly community and relaxed atmosphere!

Up! We need you locks and hpalas <3

bump! Holy paladins and warlocks highly needed!

Looking for DPS warriors, Warlocks and Holy paladins :slight_smile:

Still looking to fill a few spots for our raid roster!

We’re currently recruiting dps players and a couple of plucky holy paladins!

Our raiding roster is full but we are still recruiting active social and pvp players for our community!

We’re still on the hunt for people who want a comfy guild to call home.

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