[A+H] 1 Day Hc raiding + OPTIONAL Mythic. Wed 19-22

Glory is a guild/community that raids heroic with 100% optional mythic raiding.
Raiding wednesday 19-22 server time.
The guild consists of many ex mythic raiders, but also new dedicated players.
The purpose of the guild is to have fun while always improving. Both in raid and m+.
9/9 HC as of June 7th. Recruiting for 10.2.

29 man roster atm looking for 1 last healer. Last spot.

Discord: Voleth#5386 Bnet Nikke#2186

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Hey! I would be very interested in joining!
Added you on Discord and BNet

8/8Hc. Recruiting for 10.1

Still looking for dps and potentially a healer.

Recruiting dps for 10.1 and beyond

8/9Hc. Still recruiting

9/9Hc. Recruitng mostly dps

Looking for 1 healer to fill our 30 man roster for 10.2.