[A/H] <AnV> Silvermoon - Relaxed Late Night Raiding - 2/11M 11/11HC - LF DPS!

AnV - Silvermoon (also have a cross faction community for our Horde raiders!)

Currently looking to add - See bottom post
AnV, originally under the name Acta Non Verba on Dunemaul, was formed way back in 2007 and have been raiding since. This being our 14th year and looking to add a good few more years to it!

Our ethos are simple, have fun whilst raiding, we like a laugh between pulls and a silly discussions after raid ends. Since we are a raiding guild we focus where it needs to be, but don’t take ourselves too seriously, we see you as a person and we do our best to accommodate you into the raiding schedule.

A lot of our members have took part in IRL meets with each other, we have our own Facebook group, so we are looking for people who will fit into our family and not just those that can pump out the numbers, that’s important to us, we want to raid with people we like.

We raid on a fairly casual schedule too, only 6 hours per week, and prefer if you can make 2 out of 3 nights - at least. Our later raid times attract people who are a bit older, members ranging from mid 20s to late 40s - some even older, and having families or demanding jobs.

Our raid times:
Monday/ Wednesday/ Thursday
22.00 - 0.05 server time

Our current progress:
2/11(M) Sepulcher of the First Ones
11/11 (HC) Sepulcher of the First Ones
4/10 (M) Sanctum of Domination
10/10 (H) Sanctum of Domination
6/10 (M) Castle Nathria
10/10 (H) Castle Nathria

Our Aims: To clear heroic in good time and push a few mythic mode bosses (we aren’t aiming for cutting edge, but go as far as we can - achieving this would be a huge bonus) We prioritise a fun atmosphere, whilst getting to see most fights while they are current!

What we ask of you:
Come prepared, be online ready for raid invites (from 21.45) and know what the bosses do. We usually provide the flask and feasts so don’t need to worry about those! Know your spec well!

Communicate with us, if you know you can’t make a raid - let us know!

Don’t be an a^se, and leave any drama out of guild/raid chat!

Try your best, that’s all we can ask of you

If you like what you’ve read and have any more queries add for a chat on discord:

Raffle#7295, Oak#1151 or Goneril#7695

Or check our Google doc to apply:

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LF a warrior dps for our team, but will also consider other good dps’ers! Feel free to add me for a chat or apply via the link provided above!

Now at 4/11 HC and looking to add a few more to our roster!
Would like:
Holy/Disc Priest or MW Monk
Melee: DK/Ret/Monk DPS
Ranged: Shadow priest - will consider all good applications (from other DPS specs!)

Getting closer to that Andiun kill, currently looking for 2 healers:
Holy paladin and Holy/disc priest prefered!

Now at 9/11HC with Lords of Dread put down, looking for a Holy paladin ideally and a few more good dps (not more hunters or warriors though!)

On look-out of more DPS for last 2 bosses of heroic and moving onto mytic mode!

Rygelon is now downed, looking for a few more DPS to prepare to go into mythic soon!
DH dps
Will consider other specs/classes!

Re-opened healer spot(s)
Prefer Resto druid or Holy Paladin!

Now 11/11HC and achieved AotC for another tier!
Looking for more DPS, ideally a warlock! But interested in ALL good DPS players out there to move onto mythic!

LFM for moving into mythic

2/11M and looking for more to help us continue mythic progress before the release of S4!

Looking for DPS of most classes/specs (sadly full on hunters though)

Should also add we are interested in both cross realm/faction players too!