[A/H] Sneezing Bear Inn (2/9M) is looking for raiders and M+/Social players to check into our inn for adventures in 10.1!

Welcome to the Sneezing Bear Inn!

Grab a drink and join our table!

“Sneezing Bear Inn”, Silvermoon, is looking for new members to take a seat alongside our family-like, semi-hardcore raiding guild. SBI have created a community that is a solid and friendly core group, focused on heroic and mythic raiding, also having fun on other activities like constant M+ (both just chill social keys and pushing 20+ keys).

The guild raid roster is around 20+ people (medium-sized). We want to create the feeling where you got home from work and login to wow to be greeted with your usual guildies, an online roster filled with friendly names, where going into mythic progression we could switch it up a little depending on the fight/progression needs.

Our raids are a balanced mix of focused progression and laughs, our goal is to reach some decent mythic progress, while still having fun in a friendly environment. We have a healthy LFG channel in our discord and regular groups of key pushers most nights of the week.


After a successfully re-structuring the raid team in 10.0 we are aiming to fill up some class/spec gaps in our raid team, progress through HC as soon as possible and jump into mythic progression with a stable roster, and see how far we can go!

Raid times:

Mondays and Wednesdays, 19:30 to 22:30 (23:00 if we are progressing a fight and are very close to the kill) server time.

Currently Seeking:

  • Dedicated players willing to push the Heroic and Mythic raid content - we are in need of exceptional dps and a shaman/evoker healer. All exceptional players are always welcome to apply and trial as well of course.
  • Mature and well behaved players, patient and drama free;
  • Players who will be regulars in our inn;
  • If you just wanna be a social player and hang with us in the inn, you are always welcome to join :slight_smile:

Feels like an Inn you would be willing to live in? Send me a message on discord or battle-net :slight_smile:

Bnet: Lucas#22843
Discord: Xairen#0016

Wishes of great adventures,


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Bumpity Bump Bump

We’re still looking for:

  • Druid boomie;
    We can offer a trial for any other exceptional dps as well and M+ players are also super welcome!
    Also we’re doing achievement runs before the patch end for fun with fellow guildies as preparation for the new adventure in 10.1!

We are currently 8/9 HC and progressing curve, which is looking like it will happen this week :slight_smile: SLowly prepping up for mythic progression, to see how far we can take it this tier.
Currently we are on the lookout for:

  • A rogue (we had 5 dagger drops so far, with nobody to give them </3);
  • A boomie;

We also started hosting regular guild M+ events every Tuesday, with 3-4 M+ groups going at the same time, we try to witch people in between at times to get higher keys done for guildies that hate pugging and just to socialize and have fun in smaller groups outside of raids! So M+ only players are super welcome to join up as well :slight_smile:

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Void lizzard was successfully banished, heroic is cleared and we have already dipped our toes into mythic progression on the first boss, however we are still recruiting DPS and an evoker/shaman healer for HC reclears and progression on mythic! For our M+ events we’d love to get more M+ tank players, since we highly lack them for the time being, so if you are an M+ tank who’d like to have fun in a social environment - reach out! Of course any social and M+ players are just as welcome in the inn, as always


After our second adventure into mythic, we are now 2/9M and hoping to down the elemental duo soon enough as well! We are still on the lookout for exceptional DPS and a evoker/shaman healer! We are hoping to get an alt/social raid going on the weekend as well and M+ events are still going as strong as ever, so social and M+ players - your room in the inn is waiting to be occupied and first round of drinks is on me :triumph:

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