[A][HC] It's Not Rocket Surgery! Recruiting

Raiding eh? It’s Not Rocket Surgery, is it? So join us in progressing Heroic Wednesday + Thursday 20:00-23:00 Server time!

We also run regular M+ groups at 10+.

Current Recruitment Priorities:

  • rDPS - Mage and Lock priority.

Want to know more about us?
We formed back in Legion as Raid Cleaning Service on Sylvanas. We used to progress Mythic and were in the top 10 guilds on Sylvanas during NH. We server transferred towards the end of Legion due to the dying Alliance raid scene on Sylvanas. We progressed HC + M Uldir during BFA but went dormant due to recruiting issues + nobody liking BFA. We’ve come back for SL, and we intend to clear HC each tier.

Our Requirements

  1. Good attitude - we are here to enjoy the game.
  2. Good Performance - don’t stand in the fire, know how to press your buttons. We want to clear HC. We will assist as much as we can if you lag behind.
  3. Good attendance - we understand real life comes first, but we expect regular attendance and to notify us when you can’t make it.

How to Apply

  • Find us in the Guild Finder!
  • Or whisper Sélectra, Dáia or Galerath in game.

We are currently (as of this post) progressing Sire Denathrius HC, and looking to move into mythic on a relaxed schedule. We’re looking to bolster the raid team a bit with some additional reliable ranged dps (mainly mage, warlock and shadow priest). A battle shout bot… I mean warrior, would also be welcome. :wink: