[A/H][Warlock] Looking for an active social pve guild with focus on AOTC


I have returned to wow at the start of DF and been only doing pvp - getting all my alts to 1800 for pvp set appearances. Now before the tier ends I’d also like to try to get AOTC and do some m+.

I have previous experience in mythic raiding and pushing high m+ keys (Legion/BFA), although my pve skills are now a bit rusty xD. I’m willing to learn, open to criticism and ready to come prepared and on time to raids.

What I’m searching for is an active, medium sized (big enough that getting people for raid is not a problem) long term, social (non-toxic, mature, friendly) guild (realm and faction don’t matter, I’m willing to transfer) with a goal of getting AOTC (fun >> elitism; but still keeping focus on progression) each tier with maybe also getting a few mythic bosses down. Besides raiding and m+ I’m also down for hunting achievements, pvp and other fun social activities :smiley:

I’m excited to joining you!

hey! Added you for a chat!