Alchemy Bug

I’ve reached level 78 in Alchemy and there are no other recipes to learn. So I went to SW to talk to Lilyssia Nightbreeze but I can’t learn Cataclysm Alchemy which requires level 78 in Alchemy. What do I do? I just want to level up my profession.

Not a bug, this should help you.
google wow-proffessions theres a great guide to leveling proffessions, including vanilla 1-300 skill.

In order to learn Cataclysm Alchemy your character needs to be at least level 78. The level requirement refers to your character in this case and not to the profession itself.

when your proffession system is so unintuitive that people assume its bugged, just blizzard things since Legion launch i guess =)

It is not unintuitive, people just can´t learn what is present on the profession tab, if he gois to the unlearn tab it tells you where it is or how you can get it

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