All 350 Race/Gender/Class combinations, ranked by popularity. Where are you?

KT are gonna stay bottom, minus Druids. They’re really not that popular and the whole having to unlock them too

Zandalari should go up in time. Think they’ll be the most popular allied race

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Hope so, Zandalari are amazing!

if i hadn’t mained Cro here since Cata (hunter itself is older than that, but once I could go undead, she became my main) i’d swap to a Zandalari.

delete blood elves

Classic will take care of that

Number 1! :smiley:

The two characters I’m playing most at the moment don’t even feature in the top 40 :smiley:
So now I’m wondering do I change them to something more popular (which being honest doesn’t move them that much higher) or go completely the other way and make them the least used combo… decisions decisions :stuck_out_tongue:

You should go with the combo you like the best regardless of its popularity. That’s what I’m doing in like all of the games I’m playing.

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You make the rarest combo of course! I’m tempted to make # 350

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I have numbers 2-5-11-20-29-31-37-39-41-65-87 and 148 soon to be replaced with 207. My main is 41, human male priest. So I guess I’m a little bit unique even though most of my alts are in Top50 :grin:

309…not bad

edit: would be interesting to see the EU stats

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Here y’are. Just keep clicking on classes and races and noting things down

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37 pandaren alliance male monk FTW !!!

Surprised at how popular they are actually, considering what the opinion of them appears to be.

Go pandas!

Apparently mainstream.

Mine is number 1. Obviously Nightelf was the only Alliance option for druid originally(as Alliance) so I guess that gives a nice boost to popularity…(lack of other options).

Awww, they look pretty darn awesome if you ask me! I have at least 4 female dwaves, and got some DI ones coming too. Dwarves are one of the best races, and I always pick female characters.

It seems most people play Pandaren for Monks. I’ve never seen a Pandaren that wasn’t one!

Or not race change them at all and just keep them as they are. Feels like you are just trying to encourage people to pay for a needless race change with this post.

My advice for people would be avoid race changing at all costs since it it overpriced and a huge waste of money. Use your money to support companies who bring out great games, not encourage this sort of monetisation of a product. But, only my advice, do with it what you will.

#288? Och! Ye’ve got to be kidding. Folks these days are just too tall and thin ter have any eye for REAL beauty.

Oh? No they’re not real, but thanks for noticing. :headphones:

Also back in the day I used to be known fer me hot stature and squat temper or some such. :nail_care:
https ://

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I knew female trolls weren’t so popular so i’m not surprised, here’s my list of my 2 main realms.

6: Blood Elf female paladin
10: Blood Elf female demon hunter
14: Blood Elf female priest
19: Blood Elf female hunter
22: Blood Elf female mage
25: Undead male warlock
30: Undead male rogue
46: Troll female druid
59: Worgen male death knight
78: Blood Elf female monk
89: Gnome female warlock
92: Gnome female mage
106: Troll female shaman
140: Gnome female priest
195: Gnome female monk
259: Troll female death knight
260: Troll female warrior (main and posting with)
338: Zandalari Troll female hunter

Edit: the forum did some weird stuff with my numbers :sweat_smile:

Actually thought it’d be even lower…