All Horde move to Earthshaker!

I finally said screw it and moved my 60 to Earthshaker… It’s sad as I really liked ZT but the constant Ally-ganking is too much. And I know ofc there are also horde ganking alliance players (boats etc.). But it has become unplayable as horde… all major questing hubs have been locked down by alliance raid parties. Today I was killed 8 times omw to UBRS… Even the damn Zeppelin was controlled by alliance gankers. So I made a lvl 1 and checked Earthshaker surprisingly like ZT it’s also a high pop server with loads of horde and very active trade/lfg chats. So, if your horde and tired of the constant alliance 20+ pvp teams come to Earthshaker



u posted the same thing on reddit

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Sad story…ever heard of PVE servers?


You are not worthy of playing Horde if you’ve abandoned the ship.

Will be looking foward for another post of yours about being slaughtered in the BG’s by the Alliance. Or better yet. Waiting 2h for the queue.

For the Horde! Victory or Death!


Good ZT is an RP server, the less PvP exclusive players the better imo.

I think you read the OP wrong. He’s complaining about PvP. Either he joined the realm just for the RP aspect or he’s a moron that doesn’t know the difference between a PvE and a PvP realm. All those that join a PvP realm be it RP or not, get no sympathy from me when PvP happens and they come crying on the forum.

calling people moron
passive aggressive suggestions
“people crying on forum”

why am I not suprised all this comes from gnome rogues.


Yes, the situation is not very pleasant. And for sure, most casual guilds will leave the Zandalar Tribe. The alliance needs to understand that by killing casual players in the outside world, the Alliance complicates its future position on the BG. Perhaps part of the situation will be solved by a properly formed battlegroup, but who knows? Get 5 ranks from ganking today and later going for hours queue in the BG - who cares about that )))!!! We’ll see.


ok gnome rogue

You have very good observation skills.

Almost all the other realms have a strong Horde bias. What this means is that ZT Alliance gets to dominate the world zones AND will have instant BG queues on December 10th, while ZT Horde are farmed for honor now AND will have long BG queues, that, when they finally pop, will pit them against voice-coordinated raid-geared premade that has every killteam followed by a support Paladin.
It’s truly great to be Ally on ZT.
Edit: In all honesty though, as much as I enjoy gloating, the situation is indeed dire for Horde on ZT, I don’t blame them at all for transferring, to enjoy at least some WPvP elsewhere, since as I said, they’ll get no “satisfaction” when BG’s at out. I truly am sorry for you guys. Maybe more people will again start logging in after Dec10? Or when full P3 is out? Thank Elune I’m Ally is all I can really say.

You gloat, admit enjoying it and then you are truly sorry, yeah right.

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Long queues means we’ll be out in the zones killing people while we wait, meanwhile any alliance farming bgs will be stuck in a city.

So in theory it gets worse for ally in the zones because all the death squads wont be there to save them.

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You’ll be certainly not saying that if you where crushed and outnumbered everywhere you go… Alliance gnome gankers are the worst BTW…
It’s not PvP it’s just mindless slaughtering but just because of your sheer number and desire to make the life of lonely quester miserable.

If you where on the horde dominated server and not be able to go anywhere you’ll be the first to whine…


I’d enjoy it, more people to kill. But yes, it’s easier playing rogue.

The original plan to have server locked BGs at the start would of allowed Horde on this realm to instant queue and make up for lost time during this poopshow.

Now not only do we endure ridiculous corpse camping due to excessive imbalance out in the world, we will also suffer the longer queues thanks to cross server bg’s and Horde put numbering alliance on other servers.

Optimism is great, but it can often be confused with delusion!

Alliance will continue to dominate this server until a time in which the numbers are more balanced. The only solution I see to that is allowing Alliance transfer outgoing and Horde transfers incoming.

Blizzard allowing Horde to transfer off the realm for free has only compounded the issue and made matters worse.

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I came to this server for RP, I couldn’t care less if anyone who’s pvp focused leaves, ally or horde, if you care more about pvp than rp please leave, mmh, thank you.


Waah. Waaaaah. Wah wah waaah. Waaaaaaah.

Waah. Wah.

I hope I’ve translated this accurately & fairly. Good luck on your new high horde pop server! I’m glad you found your safe space.

Seriously… If the tables were turned the same thing would happen to Alliance players. I have never seen a perfectly balanced server.
Then again, i am so glad that horde on the server never camp anything… cough Chillwind, Menethil, South Shore etc.
rolls eyes

I don’t get how encouraging a mass-migration will solve anything. Judging by the latest reports, while it is indeed true that the Alliance outnumbers the Horde by some five percent, ZT is still among the most balanced servers out there. Spreading the wish for migration, which I suppose is indeed what you’re aiming for here, will only widen the imbalance to the frustration of both Horde and Alliance.

Not able to stomach the imbalance? Well, move away in silence, don’t attempt further server disruption. Rest assured also that the Horde’s guilty of ganking and honor farming of their own. It’s just how it is on PvP servers in Classic, and indeed how it is meant to be. Acknowledge the fact.