All of Legion Timewalking Extended an Additional Two Weeks

One of the big problems for healers is that they are made for filling cubes. Not keeping cubes at 25% health. Too full? Dead, try again. Another 10 minutes gone.

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I solved this by stripping my priest of gear when I did it in Legion so I couldn’t accidentally heal too much if I crit and to make sure I could barely crit heal. Kind of stupid but that’s how I did it.

Maybe it is doable indeed by just having 40% of health. Then i can just full heal :thinking: That is a good tip. At least neck and rings unequip. Then i still have my intellect.

So you never played chimareon in BWD
but that mechanic exist it is not used often by blizzard

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I have no idea what you mean.

I think the MT is probably very hit and miss with the playerbase. Some love this kind of thing even though it’s nothing like the original. Some loved the MT the first time round but don’t like this version at all and are struggling to find the motivation. Some outright hate this incarnation and it just feels like bashing their heads against the wall. And there will be a section of players who don’t even care for it at all.

The fact that it relies heavily on buying/farming old gear doesn’t really help IMO. Scaling simply does not do a good job and never has done in WoW.


There was mechanic that you coudn’t heal your raid i think more then 10 000 HP :smiley:
it was interesting they needed healing only when he was casting a DOUBLE attack or something like that it is 10 years so don’t remember exactly
i just want to point out that there was a mechanic in history of game where healer was not supposed to heal you to full and he was instead trying to hold your HP on certain % so you will not DIE but you will not be full HP

The idea of the healer challenge is to be as low as possible. It is just plain stupid. “you are too good of a healer, fail!”

But you shoudn’t be that low because when he after jumps on you you will die :smiley:
There is sure a sweet spot that is the CHALLANGE of that fight to figure out the NUMBER
Lets be real here if they do a BASIC healing …you wil ldo it like without any problem cause healers are pretty OP

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I want a healing challenge. Weird thought maybe.
i am 13 hours in this crap.

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For me it’s mainly not about getting it now, but because I want to cross it off my list, so I know I don’t have to do it anymore later on. It sucks and I want it done. That’s how I approach most unpleasant things in life - do it quick and be done with it.

Priest set isn’t “optional” for real void elves. Its the perfect coloring for them, so I NEED it. Same for the spell tome for mages, especially Archmages. It’s fits their character perfectly. No chance to pass on that.

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I’m sure I can, the question is how long it will take. Other, better, players in my guild have spent many, many hours in there. They’ve gotten frustrated with it, and a few of them have beaten it. Some have decided it’s too much effort; and I now fall into the latter camp.

All activity for reward is a time:value ratio. In the case of MT, for me, it feels like the time is very high and the value is fairly low.

Worse than that, the time isn’t fixed or limited. It’s possible I could spend 24 hours over 3 days in there, and still not be able to finish it. And the idea of throwing time into something that might never deliver because I just don’t/can’t play at a high enough level… nah. I’ll pass on this iteration. That doesn’t feel like a game any more. It stops being fun when it feels unbeatable.

The funny thing is, they could have made a werebear cost 10,000 TW currency, and I’d have worked for it. Because that’s deterministic. I’d have known that I could finish it in ~400 dungeon runs. It’s a lot, but it’s finite. I’d have sat there all weekend, probably grumbling a lot, probably drinking a lot, but I’d have been in the game solidly all the time, constantly queuing.

Putting it behind MT actually resulted in me not playing much. Logged in for a couple of weekly M+, logged out.

Whether that’s what Blizzard wanted is a question only they can answer.

I didn’t get that far, but yeah, I really didn’t like that part in the guides I watched. I didn’t like it as a mythic raid mechanic either (Ra’den?) when a tank had to NOT be topped off. It is counterintuitive gameplay that goes against the design of my class/role, and it doesn’t feel good to me.


Chimaeron didn’t blow the raid up if you healed too much. It was just that it was a waste of mana to keep people at full hp constantly when the bot was online, they only needed to have 10% or more.

I haven’t either, simply because the rewards are very unappealing. However I also have the ability to look and see other people’s PoV and sympathize that some people actually resubbed specifically for the new Legion timewalking stuff.

I can only imagine how soulcrushing it is having waited for a few weeks after 9.1.5 came out, with absolutely no content, then to wait for the actual content to come out, and it’s so overtuned only the top 5% get to enjoy it :snake:


It’s not that hard, for instance let’s say there is this Wallmaster Hand enemy that needs to be bursted down. Back in Legion it may have taken, let’s say 3 Starsurges to kill it.

Now, after 3 Starsurges they have around 33% HP.

A 33% HP nerf sounds just about right.

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On a side note - you know why I feel bad about nerfing gems and trinkets?

You know, farming the perfect gear for this challenge has been a huge part of the appeal of the Mage Tower Timewalking for me. I really don’t have any use for these sets anymore because I currently don’t need anything from regular timewalking, I don’t even do the weekly quests anymore because gear is rendered obsolete so quickly. But putting effort in the best MT TW gear sets was a huge chunk of content for me, and for many others, and also fun because I finally could use so many of my PROFESSIONS which are rusting.

The other thing is - many people have already beaten challenges with the pre-nerf trinkets, gems etc. So you only make it harder for the ones who are late to the party. This is really not a good way to handle your playerbase. If you nerf trinkets and gemslots, then you should probably retune the encounters as well.

(I have beaten 3 mage challenges by now. I am slow, I know - I have a child to care for and suffer from chronic lack of sleep which makes it hard to concentrate.)

Awesome. Thank you.

(I don’t suppose there would be any chance of keeping Legion M+ up, like… permanently?)

Hard Agree. I’m in the camp of somebody did it the first time in Legion, before Antorus. It was hard then, but I always felt like I could progress, or knew when I made a mistake.

Now I still have that to an extent, I know when I forget an eye / badly positioned, that’s fine. What annoys me is that things that are now fundamental to my character not being unfun to play are strangulated here, you lose the versatility of being able to find a legendary to help you overcome it (Farming current content is fine, farming chromie time TBC dungeons for extra sockets is just bad design)

People should be able to use ALL of their SL toolkit. I’m not even sure what the value in it being scaled is, so people can make alts to do it on, maybe?

Further enemy health nerfs are needed, for sure. Especially Kruul.


Change Mage Tower to a legion template with our old abilities+Artifact abilities/trees and our choice of 1 legendary to use for the fight. It would be great to play my class as it was in Legion again and further, for those that didn’t get to play every class/spec in Legion to see how each was to play then.

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Or at least use Legion legendaries and such because they are not really hard to get anymore (you can target the desired ones).