All of my characters are locked


I’ve been banned for 6 months and ban expired today. I subscribed again but all of my characters are locked and some of them even have ‘Buy another boost’, ‘Buy expansion’ warnings even though I pre-ordered Shadowlands and I was able to play until my ban back in April.

I already contacted support but they respond in two weeks, so I’d like to know if there is anything I can do about this.

What you could try is a password reset but otherwise you’ll need to wait on a Support answer, the average displayed time is the longest in queue.

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I realized I can log in to characters below level 50, which means somehow Shadowlands has been removed from my account. As I said, I own Shadowlands and played it until my ban back in April so this is a mistake. This account used to be WoW1 but it has been mistakenly removed from my account, I contacted customer support about this and they added back as WoW6 but appearently they somehow removed the Shadowlands.

Yea I remember from your previous thread, you should do well to add the solved ticket number to your current ticket where they added the license back to it.

Update until a Customer Support sees this. I’m wasting my subscription because of a mistake I have nothing to do with.

Forum staff are not GM’s and will not be able to discuss this with you over the forums. Only a GM will be able to, via a ticket.

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Reopen the old one if you can as you may get a quicker answer but it will have to be a ticket.

Update, issue still exist.

Earlier a CSFR tagged my post above as solution, you’ll have to wait on your ticket answer.


A couple of days after my post here, a CS added Shadowlands back to my account so I am able to log in and play. But two of my characters (one from Shadowlands, one from Classic) are still locked. I guess that’s because I used boosts on them back in TBC launch and Shadowlands launch.

I updated my ticket and created a new one but could not get any response since 15 days. My two characters are still locked and I can’t play them.