All realms are full?

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So… all realms are already full ? wtf…

I would really like to know, what the plans are if either of two scenarios comes true.

#1; Servers remain full constantly, and limits gametime during prime time months after launch
#2; Servers loses a lot of players and causes an imbalance between factions, or just low pop in generel

are there still to few servers? are they just being very careful, due to the community factor bound to vanilla. Its almost certain that one of the two scenarios will come true.


Blizzard said to avoid queues just roll on a different realm :wink:


More realms opening in 2 and half hours.


They mentioned free character transfers as a possible solution in the AMA.

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This launch has me worried! :smiley:


I think by launch, the 4 new servers will be full too.


I am really curious to see how fast these new servers will get populated. I advise to follow the release of the new realms closely, as it will indicate a shift in population from the older realms.

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