Alliance and Horde leaders


It takes more than a good shaman to wield the earths power on the level of the Earthwarder. Again from same book:

He felt rooted, solid, deeply wise. Thrall well knew that it was not his own knowledge that he was experiencing but the knowledge of the earth. This was where the ancients dug their roots; this was where bones, over time, turned into stone. He felt bigger than he had ever been, expansive, for all this world was his to mind. managing of time, of life, of dreams and magic. I offer you the earth. The soil, the ground, the deep places. But know that the earth is the basis of all things. It is where we are rooted. Where you must come from, if you are to go to. Here is whence true strength comes. From deep places … within the world, and within oneself. The blessing had not been intended for his ears originally. But it was now. The energies of five Aspects stood together, as they had not done for millennia. And then it happened. The images that the Aspects and Thrall had become in this spiritual realm exploded. Not violently, or angrily, but as if the joy could no longer be contained in anything resembling structure or form. Like fireworks, the essence of who and what each Aspect truly was soared forth. They met, hues of each one, bronze and green and blue and red and black, and twined about each other, weaving the colors together. Like strands of thread on a loom. … To unravel part of the piece, all you need to do is pull on a single loose thread. No, Thrall suddenly thought as the words of Medivh, spoken to him in the timeways, rushed back to him. Not weaving. Threads could be pulled, or broken. They must not interweave; they must blend. … Thrall visualized his color, a pure, peaceful black hue, merging with the other dancing plumes of the Aspects. They understood at once, and each yielded its boundaries. The colors began to blend, turning a single uniform hue of—“He comes!”

Thrall was chosen for this. It takes more than a good shaman. Plus, after the events of which Deathwing splits his soul and grants him the burden of the Earth , Thrall becomes even more powerful. So cry all you want. You’re only embarassing yourself while I give u referencesfor my arguments.

You are just yelling

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I never said he wasn’t more then a good shaman, he was the World-Shaman after all. No I said he is not the Earth-Warden, which you seem to want him to be so badly.

He filled up the role, yes, but as you just quoted, it was the Earth that gave him the blessing to fill up that role, it does not state that this blessing is permanent (and how could he lose his powers anyway, if he was permanently blessed?)

As you might’ve read too, Deathwing took away that very same burden of the Earth, so how can he be more powerful if that burden is taken away again? He did get more focus though and more knowledge on what Neltharion felt and meant and maybe learned but his power did not increase from that.

(Doesn’t take away he was still the most powerful Shaman around).

Can you explain to me how his soul getting split ended up with him somehow getting more powerful? From Jaina we know she got more powerful through her staff absorbing the power off the Lei-Shen the Thunder King, and from Malfurion we know he is so powerful because he studied under one of the most powerful Wild Gods.


Because as is mentioned in the Cataclysm playthrough, Deathwing initially gave him the burden of the Earth to break him, however since he didnt break, it makes sense he was made more powerful as he was able to withstand said burden. Doesnt matter Deathwing took it back.

Cause as is shown in my references he is worthy of the Black Aspect Blessing even before he is able to withstand Deathwings Burden.

Also, a prime Example that he was stronger after the Cataclysm is the Jaina meltdown. Thrall was able with his power, to hold back for a good amount of time the Tsunami Jaina created, BUT Jaina was creating said Tsunami using The focusing Iris. So if thats not proof enough of his godly powerlevel I dont know what is man…

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It’s not a meltdown, it’s a logical reaction after somebody destroyed your home, city and enslaved/destroyed your people, but oke.

Ah, this must be from one of the books I have not read yet.

So, like I originally said (agreeing with Brigante on it), that World-Shaman Thrall is powerful :thinking:


The book is called Jaina.

Its a good read. With all the details of her romance and her period alike :joy:

How do you know what it is, if you havent read the book? :upside_down_face:

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Because I wouldn’t be half as merciful if I could destroy the people that destroyed my home city and enslaved my people.


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All blizzard as to do, is add The Man’ari Eredar and Nagas to the horde. Thus, we would get 2 strong races to be an equal match to the alliance. Now, since Calia is the new LF forsaken leader. The horde might get chiby furries called welpera!

Also, it doesn’t matter. The alliance have been nerfed constantly in every expansion. Its only human this and that now… The other races are underpowered or heavily nerfed.

The draenei for example, could easily use their space ship in Legion to cause an atom bomb kinda destruction on orgrimmar and remove them on the face of the Azeroth. But, Blizz decided to make them use stones and sticks to battle the horde. So, it’s going to be like this as usual…( the story telling is very underwhelming in my opinion)

What I know is that the horde is more like a mafia family. While, the alliance is more or less a political truce between each race.

So, Blizz could come up with a story for the alliance is a civil war between each races. As the humans are always biased and arrogant like General Garithos likewise the other leaders are not interested to cooperate among them self.( because of their pride)

So, what the horde is now, the divide or civil war. The alliance should have gotten this problem a long time ago. ( because the horde are still trying to recover their internal problem like fel, magic addiction and undead acceptance). While the alliance are already strong to fight each other.

Just like how in WC3, the humans didn’t listen to Medivh’s warnings because they thought them self’s to be more superior to the rambling of a man. While, the horde listen to Medivh’s warnings because they were already in trouble with fel, etc and all. So, they didn’t want to add more problems on their end.


And they were superior. They were the leaders of the most powerful faction on the planet, why would they listen to a hobo who sounded like a nutjob?

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That’s my point. They are well developed to be bothered about the likes of others…
So, they gain negative traits like being biased, arrogant, envious, etc.
Hence, they should be more internal conflicts or civil war in the alliance faction rather than the horde. This would sell well and ppl would really accept it.


Aside from the fact that their decision to ignore Medivh is the only logical one and certainly doesn’t make them arrogant or envious or anything bad, every single person in that room is dead. The modern Alliance has a completely different leadership.


No ofc it didnt make them arrogant it only made them Scourge. And Forsaken afterwards :joy::joy::joy:


Truth be told, I always found it kind of funny that the Forsaken are Lordaeronians.

Since, well… Lordaeron was responsible for the internment camps. And Garithos was a Lordaeronian Grand Marshal.

It’s quite possible that the Orcs are currently working with some of the very same people that used to abuse them in the camps, while the blood elves work with some of the very same Orcs that invaded their home and some of the very soldiers that tried to kill them before fleeing into Outland.

Being Horde must be awkward.


Sounds like Karma actually

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That one is in ‘Tides of War’, both Thrall and Kalecgos have to stop Jaina from unleashing the Tsunami twice. She pulls the trigger twice, they block it.

Thrall is the World Shaman post-Cataclysm (Ironic that he then nicks off to go and live in Outlands) but I do not think he is the actual Earth Warder. I mean he is the next thing down from it, but he’s not filling the gap Deathwing left completely, just partially.

Err. No it ain’t, there is no such book. You are thinking of ‘Tides of War’ which covers the Theramore invasion of the Barrens, the Horde retalitation in Dustwallow, then the hideous events of the Mana Bomb, and the revenge Jaina attempts to enact. There is also some disturbing stuff in there about Jaina being into Kalec, because that isn’t at -all- weird. Pretty sure there is no mention of her menstruation in there, but as a woman around her early 40’s it is fairly likely such still happens.

Part of it is guilt, I reckon. Jaina knows the only reason Rhonin is there, the only reason General Marcus Johnathan, that Kinndi, that all of them are there, is because she -asked- them to be. She may as well have written her name on that Mana Bomb, as she sealed their death warrants…

Her initial reaction makes sense, her reactions since then have just been bat guano crazy…

Ahem…Source? We know the Draenei ship cannot fire from Orbit and must descend low enough to be attacked in return, I mean this happens -every- time it is used. It pops a hole in a gate. Whoop de doo… I mean that is not exactly a dread terrifying weapon X is it? If anyone goes “But the Racial says it fires from Orbit” then sure, lets go with that version, in which case it does enough damage to slightly tamper with a Kobold or Gnoll.

Only if you put the blinkers on.

Alliance is more odd.
Humans of Stormwind: Yeah, we’re good guys! We’re good guys! We’re good guys! We will interfere in other Allied nations politics if we think they are not being our flavour of Good Guys, because we’re good guys, good guys…We may even kill some of them, but we’re good guys…goo…you get the idea.
Dwarves: Right, a third of us are absolutely those guys who were hell bent on enslaving everyone, and we were enthusiastically waging war on, but but now, we’re all cool, Forget the fact that you were at war with them, and so were we, and so was everyone, it is all totally now fine by the power of Alliance Friendship.

Night Elves: So this dude did a bad thing, which everyone said was a bad thing, like even our own people said it was a bad thing, then he ran off and became the second in command of the guy who was massively bad, and did really bad stuff and like, the Firelands, and yeah…just bad! We hated the Dark Irons over it and should totally kill them. Until now, because its all cool now, we’re BFF’s again.

Gnomes “Salutations, and kindly leave us out of this, we are actually an innocent party in this “WHo has been a douche” discussion”

Draenei. “Well, OK, we didn’t mean to crash here, that was the Blood Elves fault. We are however effectively a cosmos wide disease vector. We are Typhoid Mary, spreading the Legion’s curse to worlds it may have never discovered, We should really have stopped running and actually fronted up to this, before finding the last chance saloon and having no other option…OK, we’re not really good people, also, we did kind of invade the Orcs home planet?”

Being Alliance must be very awkward…

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No they couldn’t, get that headcanon out of here.

I think you’re heavily overestimating the Alliance playerbase.

Gnomes love you too, Brigs.


I actually play both factions. The whole idea of this post is that Blizz should develop some Horde leaders and make them more powerful. Apparently it wasn’t executed well, sorry.

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Oh, its not your fault, Brigante basically hears “Horde Evil” if you tell him “Hello.”

Ironically enough, last time he posted he accused the gnomes of inventing the blight, and I am not even kidding.


Don’t even bother with that guy and his essays. He tries too hard to sound smart when all he accomplishes in the end is making me cringe.

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A little bit like Elf fans, when I say they shouldn’t have access to the Shaman class. They hear “Elf hater!” :neutral_face:

(Shadowtwili) #41

Unironically, gnomes where the first to invent the blight currently used by the Forsaken. It was one drunk gnomette in Westguard Keep that perfected the Blight.

Search for Peppy Wrongnozzle on wowpedia.

Brigante does sound more… uuh belligerent (?) when we’re talking about the Blood War. Never thought I’d see the day, I 'member him being more neutral then that :thinking:

Elves shouldn’t get access to the Shaman class. Based and redpilled. (That’s what the youths say these days, right?)