Alliance Guild for casual 40+ age groups?

Hi, I’ve played WOW since vanilla launch day but never to any serious level. So never done a raid in my life. Enjoy casual gaming and enjoy the casual nature of leveling in WOW but would like to interact more with players of a similar age group and do more dungeons and possibly raids in the future.

I heard this is the best realm to join for casual, friendly and older play groups where RP is welcome but not compulsory. I have therefore just started leveling a new Human Priest.

Look forward to some friendly suggestions.

The guild I’m in was something like that about a year ago, but now people have quit/go do other stuff, so I’m just lollygagging around alone. But something like that would be nice, perhaps for some alt leveling or the likes :thinking:

At one point when I came back when the year changed I thought about rebuilding this guild, but not sure there would be enough people around to make it happen now. So I’m in somewhat same situation as you.

Add me in game and perhaps throw a whisper if you find some nice home? I might join you… :grin:

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