Alliance Guild Mythic recruiting on Ashbringer

[A] [Semi-hardcore raiding on a casual schedule PVE guild]
[Recruiting exceptional and mature players - Currently looking for Fury Warriors and Mages]
[DKP system with common-sense priority on certain items]

[Raid times]

  • Wednesday 19:30-22:30
  • Sunday 19:30-22:30

[About us]

  • Mythic’s core consists of players from early Vanilla WoW days who have raided retail on top level and competed and done server firsts for heroic and mythic modes.
  • We have a stable and strong raiding and PvP community. All while not forgetting this is only a game.
  • We are not competing for server first kills but we do not slack on raids either, so our target audience is players with likewise mentality.

If this sounds good for you, then you should come to our discord and have a look.

  • We aim for high quality gaming when we raid, without neglecting real life.
  • Mature and friendly guild atmosphere.
  • Guild leadership is open and transparent.
  • Fast and clean raiding. Some strong PVP’ers going for rank 14 as well.
  • Experienced and diverse raid leaders with broad understanding of all classes and attention to details of tactics and assignments.

[What do we expect from you?]

  • Mature and friendly behaviour.
  • Clearing content in WoW Classic require dedication from the members, so we expect this from you.
  • Strong knowledge about how to min-max your class dps/healing.
  • Fluent command of English. The majority of our members come from UK, the Nordic countries and Benelux.

Currently primarily looking for:

  • Fury Warriors
  • Mages

We always have spots for exceptional players of other classes.

If you’re interested in joining or have any questions - please contact one of our officers either ingame or on discord.

Discord Link:

  • https:// KkUFc9U (remove spaces in link)

Guild Master:
Henghast / Henghast#8093

Bizzy / biz#2758
Bjarnur / Sqied#4180
Caldur / Caldur#9624
Junia / Junia#0302
Kezhou / kezhou#7853
Shalbriri / Shalbriri#6012

Warcraft Logs (look for mythic on EU-Ashbringer)
https:// classic.warcraftlogs. com/ guild/id/481764 (remove spaces in link)

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