Alliance have failed from the very beginning since WC2

Hello there, I would like to talk about one of major things about alliance which concerns me and which also is quite an answer why the things are as it is with faction alignment for certain races.

Here we are: the warcrimes involving humans being arrogant and taking the blood elves/high elves (I don’t care how they are called, they are all quite the same thing) as a second sort and which also leads to one of the most brutal warcrimes the Alliance have made back in the day: Garithos, who literally obliterated thousands of blood elves just because he and the most of the humans did not like them. And since then alliance did not even turned the finger to try to redempt for such ridiculous actions towards one of the azerothian races. This is the main reason why blood elves should never get neutral towards alliance, which includes these selfish and arrogant humans.
Here are also some questions and concerns about the lore and probably issues with blizzard’s writing of the story: why we have “High elves” somewhere around in Azeroth existing? What are they, why they are sided with alliance or anything, but no lore at all was written about them (I talk about that village to the east from Aerie Peak in Hinterlands). Blizzard could just remove that part of the game completely with high elven villages and stuff to be more clean about their writing.

I am not sure what they are gonna do with Midnight storyline, but Alliance NEEDS to start their redemption arc for the warcrimes they commited regarding destruction of Quel’thalas. And I don’t see blood elves willing to see any alliance around their precious capital helping them, they could rebuild with the help of the hordies, no need for that “Alliance” joke there, it looks more like the worgen story currently with Gilneas (they don’t want to see any forsaken in their lands). The Alliance should seek the redemption first for their actions before they should even be allowed to help with Quel’thalas rebuilding.
And no I don’t believe in “elven tribes uniting”, Tyrande will definitely ditch that and will not let anyone in their capital.

Overall these are my thoughts about all of this. So many people wanting to see high elves, but many people forget about the warcrimes alliance committed towards elves and did not even try to redempt for it since then.

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Thing is, aren’t most of the people who did such dead now? Can you lay blame still? Isn’t the Alliance largely a completely different organisation now?

I agree on your stance with this supposed elven tribe nonsense. Not even sure where that came from, is it just players making stuff up as usual?

Maybe current alliance is different organisation now, but if the warcrime was done and did not paid for, then it looks dirty on their side still. If alliance will show that they changed their values and that don’t have any negative bias towards elves anymore, then maybe they can start working together at some point, but it is still huge matter of trust. Since that time, I don’t remember alliance has shown that they will not threaten elves anymore and would treat them equally, they just went different roads since then and pretty much forgot about elves completely being busy with threats to azeroth and then being involved in the 4th war, where they just fought the horde and were making ally with Kul Tiras. But I doubt blood elves will ever forget what the humans did to them back in the day, that’s why they stay strong within the horde

that was arthas and the scourge :man_facepalming:



The Horde has committed a genocide against the Night Elves and 2 expansions later, the trauma is still there but somehow the responsability has been wiped the rag.

This is barely ONE example from the huge pile, and I’m only speaking about integrity. The writers are already this lost and incompetent, you expect them to respect the integrity of the story since WC2?

I’d already be glad if we could not end up with gay effeminate and fragile mommy’s boy characters in a War-torn World. And then, after we have a decent short-term setting, maybe we can talk about the long-term one.


I think it was pretty much down to Anduin that they changed tac; whether it was him influencing his father or becoming king. Not sure what will happen now he is on permanent walkabout and fight void boogles.

Clearly some elves did forgive the alliance as they joined them after being outcast for using void magic. The memory of them warring during BfA is surely fresher on their mind, also Jaina’s actions in Dalaran.

I agree with that whole “let’s come togehter” crap. I don’t want it. Sure the Alliance wants to help out against whatever calamity shows up then, that’s fine, but none of this buddy-buddy crap. It does not work. It feels like crap given the past of the game and it’s not authentic, but either a cheap way so they don’t have to give us separate content or even adapt the same content to two factions, or it’s some bullcrap delusion of some diversity hires at blizzard who think it’s their duty to bring peace to a game called Warcraft cause, I don’t know, it’s 2020 something.

As for the Alliance making ameds for what? What Arthas did? How is that on the Alliance? That’s like saying the Alliance is responsible for the Legion cause Azshara was once a nelf and nelfs are now Alliance.
Or do you mean that human supremacist guy, forgot his name who tried to execute the whole belf race? That guy is dead, his men are dead, everyone who was involved in that situation, minus the belfs and the naga, are dead. So what amends?


lmao you still belive Arthas was real? He was made up boogie man operation orchestrated by SI:7 to get the High elves addicted to fel weed.


It could have worked if it was made into a post-WC3 fashion, combining strengths to beat a stronger ennemy for the sake of survival into a statusquo that is sometimes broken by some small skirmishes here and there, and the constant spying from both parties to ensure the other is kept in check. Which is fairly realistic.

But yeah, the current buddy-buddy situation is pretty cringe. We had the Big Bad Guy become Horde’s Warchief twice, the Alliance getting shat on twice (Both of these being written in a poorly fashion twice too, but that’s not the point), the Big Bad Guy being beaten twice because at that precise moment a part of the Horde (and the players being forced into it), decided that “But wait, this isn’t Honor !”, turned on the Big Bad Guy, and hence the Horde was forgiven.

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Also let’s not forget that me, the player have Alliance bodies on my name. Not talking about ganking some sad gnome in Duskwood, but actual NPCs that Blizzard canonically enabled me to massacre via story quests. So what, we just sweep that one under the rug? Or do we wake up sweating and it was all a nightmare and we and the Alliance always loved each other? That would make more sense than me aiding the Alliance to reclaim a city I actively participated in taking from them.

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The Garithos piece of trash, that’s why essentially blood elves joined the horde back then, because they saw what alliance did done to them once, so they chose the least of the evil to side with, at least horde did nothing against blood elves, maybe only that first legion based orcish horde, but I don’t remember anything about that, maybe it was a fanfic, I doubt orcish horde led by Gul’dan could even reach Quel’thalas, so yeah

The Horde did plenty. Orcs did, trolls too. The Orcish Horde under Doomhammer reached Quel’thalas and set the forest on fire.

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yeah the gilneas storyline is quite tough for worgens, it is coming to them, that they need to see forsaken once again at their doorstep, and it will be quite hard to accept the help from forsaken for the Genn and the worgens, maybe they will try to build the wall once again to get a clear borders from the rest of the silverpine for the defense purposes, especially knowing what could come down to EK in Midnight they better build the wall around their freshly rebuild city

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Oh god, another Erevien is sprouting… RUN!!!

Garithos was a free agent. Alliance of Lordaeron ended with Terenas II death and the Alliance we have now was established a bit before WoW Vanilla. Garithos took command of the last survivors because he was the highest ranking member of the former Alliance to still be alive.

Also fun fact Garithos is a lorderoenian, the people who supported him are also from Lordaeron. Last time I checked Alliance doesn’t have Lordaeron nor it’s (ehm former) citizens , the Horde does (forsaken say hi).

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I killed him nearly every week for 8 years hes real :joy:

What do you mean ? We he is my BFF, he even gave me a weird looking horsie as a token of our friendship.

we have witnessed also one of the fastest kill of that atrocity on the frozen trone, he was down in around 1h 33m? after launch of the raid in wotlk classic

Isnt icc like 12 bosses?

icc has 12 bosses, but some sweat tryhards in Progress have killed all the rest of 11 bosses and then eventually the Lich King in less than 2 hours, there should be a mention in warcraft logs about that, the Progress guild on the top, can’t post the links here